Rotation 1: Original Household

+ this save started out with the game’s long lifespan, and later on switched to a custom lifespan via mccc that is longer than normal but shorter than long.
+ rotation = playing all the households in the neighborhood for 1 week each. at first i only had 1 household, so every week began a new rotation. after i added households, each rotation grows accordingly.
+ this save has 14 day seasons.
+ lily and i pulled together our job lifts based on a number of bacc adaptations and our own thoughts. otherwise pretty much everything about the way i’m playing my bacc is based on this ruleset.
+ they also started out without electricity, since that was something that had to be lifted. therefore the household had the off the grid trait for the first few weeks, and didn’t have to pay any bills.


11-15-19_7-55-59 PM11-15-19_8-32-19 PM11-15-19_8-32-54 PM11-15-19_8-34-45 PM11-15-19_8-36-32 PM11-15-19_8-37-07 PM11-15-19_8-39-11 PM11-15-19_8-44-54 PM11-15-19_8-47-31 PM11-15-19_8-50-10 PM11-15-19_8-51-10 PM11-15-19_8-54-07 PM11-15-19_8-57-42 PM11-15-19_9-00-06 PM11-15-19_9-01-09 PM11-15-19_9-06-03 PM11-15-19_9-11-21 PM11-15-19_9-26-53 PM11-15-19_9-28-13 PM

11-15-19_10-08-07 PM11-15-19_10-13-40 PM11-15-19_10-32-43 PM11-15-19_10-58-28 PM11-15-19_11-16-04 PM11-15-19_11-18-07 PM11-15-19_11-53-00 PM11-16-19_12-51-57 AM11-16-19_1-17-15 AM11-16-19_1-23-16 AM


1 new resident

Lifts in progress:

Museum (10 excellent sculptures, 0 masterpiece paintings)


Brock: Fishing (3), Painting (7)
Jude: Cooking (7)
Leia: Gardening (4), Guitar (9)
Maci: Handiness (7)
Naomi: Charisma (10)
Natalie: Wellness (7)


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