Rotation 2: Original Household

+ second week of spring in year 1
+ i am so relieved that ea has since fixed the fire related glitch


11-16-19_3-22-50 PM11-16-19_3-25-42 PM11-16-19_3-41-18 PM11-16-19_3-43-11 PM11-16-19_3-45-34 PM11-16-19_3-45-51 PM11-16-19_4-07-37 PM11-16-19_4-09-37 PM11-16-19_4-17-42 PM11-16-19_4-29-12 PM11-16-19_4-36-36 PM11-16-19_4-38-48 PM11-16-19_4-43-08 PM11-16-19_4-43-36 PM11-16-19_4-54-51 PM11-16-19_5-32-33 PM11-16-19_5-34-31 PM11-16-19_5-50-15 PM11-16-19_5-50-44 PM11-16-19_6-07-02 PM11-16-19_6-11-09 PM11-16-19_6-26-24 PM11-16-19_6-26-53 PM11-16-19_6-30-43 PM11-16-19_6-53-15 PM11-16-19_6-55-02 PM11-16-19_7-09-05 PM11-16-19_7-15-41 PM11-16-19_9-30-17 PM11-16-19_9-40-41 PM



Lifts in Progress:

Arts Center (Level 10 painting in progress)
Birth Control (Level 8 Logic)
Lounge (1 level 10 instrument, 1 level 10 instrument in progress)
More Residents (1 already earned, 1 in progress)
Museum (10 excellent sculptures, 5 masterpiece paintings)
Park (0 families with children, level 10 gardening in progress)
Pool (Level 10 wellness earned, level 10 fitness in progress, no heat wave)
Restaurant (Level 10 cooking earned)
Townies (1 gold medal earned)


Brock: Fishing (3), Painting (9)
Jude: Cooking (10), Logic (8)
Leia: Gardening (6), Guitar (10), Logic (4), Singing (4)
Maci: Fitness (3), Handiness (9)
Naomi: Violin (8)
Natalie (Charisma (4), Wellness (10)

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