Rotation 3: Original Household

+ first week of summer in year 1
+ i admit, i got brock & natalie together manually: in order for that particular party to get a gold medal, flirts & kissing were required
+ this is part of why i later installed wicked whims for a while. none of my sims were interacting romantically with each other on their own, or rolling up wants to.
+ i love costume parties


11-16-19_10-13-56 PM11-16-19_10-17-15 PM11-16-19_10-46-23 PM11-16-19_10-46-38 PM11-16-19_11-00-18 PM11-16-19_11-43-43 PM11-16-19_11-44-05 PM11-16-19_11-44-24 PM11-16-19_11-58-29 PM11-17-19_12-01-56 AM11-17-19_12-06-21 AM11-17-19_12-12-07 AM11-17-19_12-13-40 AM11-17-19_12-15-22 AM11-17-19_12-28-16 AM11-17-19_12-49-35 AM11-17-19_12-54-56 AM11-17-19_12-56-54 AM11-17-19_1-01-49 AM11-17-19_1-09-38 AM11-17-19_1-12-31 AM11-17-19_1-32-07 AM11-17-19_1-39-23 AM11-17-19_1-41-19 AM11-17-19_1-41-46 AM11-17-19_1-44-32 AM11-17-19_1-55-33 AM11-17-19_2-07-50 AM11-17-19_2-08-53 AM11-17-19_2-09-25 AM11-17-19_2-24-34 AM11-17-19_2-34-29 AM11-17-19_2-36-05 AM11-17-19_1-16-11 PM11-17-19_1-43-47 PM11-17-19_1-47-06 PM11-17-19_1-47-49 PM11-17-19_1-48-55 PM11-17-19_1-51-01 PM11-17-19_1-52-59 PM11-17-19_2-02-48 PM11-17-19_2-04-58 PM11-17-19_2-05-21 PM11-17-19_2-07-04 PM11-17-19_2-29-28 PM11-17-19_3-31-29 PM11-17-19_3-31-52 PM11-17-19_3-33-10 PM11-17-19_3-35-55 PM11-17-19_3-41-44 PM11-17-19_3-43-33 PM11-17-19_3-47-00 PM11-17-19_3-48-53 PM


Birth Control

Lifts in Progress:

Arts Center (Level 10 earned, level 10 handiness and level 10 mixology in progress)
Lounge (2 level 10 instruments earned, 1 level 10 comedy in progress)
More Residents (1 already earned, 2 in progress)
Park (0 families with children, level 10 gardening in progress)
Pool (Level 10 wellness earned, level 10 fitness in progress, heatwave occurred)
Restaurant (Level 10 cooking earned, level 10 gourmet cooking in progress)



Brock: Fishing (3), Painting (10)
Jude: Gourment Cooking (3), Handiness (6), Logic (10)
Leia: Charisma (6), Gardening (6), Logic (4), Singing (6)
Maci: Fitness (6), Handiness (10)
Naomi: Comedy (3), Violin (10)
Natalie (Charisma (6), Mixology (4)


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