Rotation 4: Brock & Natalie

+ year 1, first week of fall
+ another important point to note: i have aging set so that my active households don’t age while i’m not playing them, but everyone else in the neighborhood does
+ however, while the game suspends aging it does not suspend sims giving birth, which is one of the many reasons i later began using my own aging system
+ this is, in fact, the rotation where my sims started randomly hopping into bed together and getting each other pregnant like it was a soap opera on steroids
+ yes, jude showing up to rage at brock after brock got naomi pregnant was entirely autonomous


11-28-19_8-12-54 PM11-28-19_8-13-10 PM11-28-19_8-19-44 PM11-28-19_10-51-50 PM11-28-19_10-52-31 PM11-28-19_10-53-21 PM11-28-19_11-19-14 PM11-28-19_11-19-43 PM11-28-19_11-28-17 PM11-28-19_11-28-41 PM11-28-19_11-51-09 PM11-29-19_1-27-59 AM11-29-19_1-30-10 AM11-29-19_1-31-01 AM11-29-19_12-16-15 AM11-29-19_12-16-23 AM11-29-19_12-28-50 AM11-29-19_12-33-00 AM11-29-19_12-34-49 AM11-29-19_12-57-45 AM11-29-19_12-59-05 AM


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