Rotation 4: Original Household

+ year 1, second week of summer
+ wicked whims’ stay in the bacc was brief but will never be forgotten
+ this was the first rotation featuring more than one household, since i moved brock and natalie into their own house.
+ i have a bunch of custom holidays in this save. one of them, summerfest, is a quasi fourth of july situation, and is featured in this update.
+ developments in this included: first import (lancelot royal), first birth (avery royal, who is jude and naomi’s daughter), beginning of community fund
+ community fund = i’m keeping track of how much they pay in bills and using that to “pay for” community lots. ex if they want to add a park, they have to have paid the amount in bills that the lot is worth in the gallery. households can also “donate” to the community fund. to do this, i manually decrease their household funds and then add the amount i decreased to the community fund.


11-17-19_4-08-12 PM11-17-19_8-53-56 PM11-17-19_8-57-39 PM11-17-19_8-58-16 PM11-17-19_9-00-13 PM11-17-19_9-11-33 PM11-17-19_9-30-57 PM11-17-19_9-33-44 PM11-17-19_9-36-10 PM11-17-19_9-44-52 PM11-17-19_10-15-15 PM11-17-19_10-26-19 PM11-17-19_10-29-24 PM11-17-19_10-42-31 PM11-17-19_10-46-14 PM11-17-19_10-48-43 PM11-17-19_11-10-10 PM11-17-19_11-15-35 PM11-17-19_11-37-40 PM11-17-19_11-42-08 PM11-17-19_11-42-55 PM11-17-19_11-43-07 PM11-18-19_1-03-47 AM11-18-19_1-07-47 AM11-18-19_1-08-08 AM11-18-19_1-09-24 AM11-18-19_1-10-29 AM11-18-19_1-11-18 AM11-18-19_1-11-45 AM11-18-19_1-14-41 AM11-18-19_1-17-03 AM11-18-19_12-09-13 AM11-18-19_12-10-29 AM11-18-19_12-21-19 AM11-18-19_12-21-24 AM11-18-19_12-32-17 AM11-18-19_12-49-59 AM11-18-19_12-50-37 AM11-24-19_9-38-17 PM11-24-19_9-38-29 PM11-24-19_9-39-11 PM11-24-19_9-47-37 PM11-24-19_10-21-01 PM11-24-19_10-21-12 PM11-24-19_10-21-17 PM11-24-19_10-33-59 PM11-24-19_10-36-34 PM11-24-19_10-36-48 PM11-24-19_10-45-56 PM11-24-19_10-46-50 PM11-24-19_10-47-11 PM11-24-19_10-50-10 PM11-24-19_11-03-23 PM






Arts Center (Level 10 painting earned, level 10 handiness and level 10 mixology in progress)
Lounge (2 level 10 instruments earned, 1 level 10 comedy in progress)
Park (1 family with children, level 10 gardening in progress)
Pool (Level 10 wellness earned, level 10 fitness in progress, heatwave occurred)
Restaurant (Level 10 cooking earned, level 10 baking and level 10 gourmet cooking in progress)



Brock: Baking (7)
Jude: Gourmet Cooking (8), Handiness (8)
Lancelot: Charisma (8)
Leia: Charisma (10), Gardening (7), Singing (8)
Maci: Charisma (4), Fitness (8)
Naomi: Comedy (5)
Natalie: Charisma (10), Dancing (3), Mixology (4)



Births: Avery Royal (Jude & Naomi’s daughter)
Imports: Lancelot Royal (Leia’s brother, Naomi’s cousin)



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