Rotation 5: Original Household

+ second week of fall, year 1
+ this was the rotation when jaxson hill (blond townie) began his one man campaign to woohoo his way through my active female sims population, impregnating most of them while doing so
+ this was also the rotation when slice of life added its meyer-briggs based personality types system, which was cool! in case you’re wondering, leia is INFP (which is PERFECT), jude is INTJ, and naomi is ENTJ.
+ this rotation consisted of 3 households: the original household (now jude, naomi, and leia), brock & natalie, and maci & lancelot.
+ since the number of households expand at this point, i’ll be doing “summary posts” that cover lifts, lifts in progress, the community fund etc after each rotation is fully posted. each individual entry will just list the residents’ current skills and any developments. (births, people who moved in, etc.)


11-29-19_5-03-22 PM11-29-19_5-26-13 PM11-29-19_5-50-16 PM11-29-19_6-51-17 PM11-29-19_7-03-34 PM11-29-19_7-07-56 PM11-29-19_7-08-36 PM11-29-19_8-40-38 PM11-29-19_8-49-56 PM11-29-19_8-58-30 PM11-29-19_9-07-12 PM11-29-19_9-18-02 PM11-29-19_9-21-09 PM11-29-19_9-21-20 PM11-29-19_9-24-12 PM11-29-19_9-29-52 PM11-29-19_9-30-13 PM11-29-19_9-30-55 PM11-29-19_9-34-48 PM11-29-19_9-35-46 PM11-29-19_9-38-00 PM11-29-19_10-07-53 PM11-29-19_10-08-50 PM11-29-19_10-10-18 PM11-29-19_10-21-35 PM11-29-19_10-25-29 PM11-29-19_10-26-37 PM11-29-19_10-31-57 PM11-29-19_10-32-28 PM11-29-19_10-44-47 PM11-29-19_10-46-35 PM11-29-19_10-47-27 PM11-29-19_10-49-42 PM11-29-19_10-56-33 PM


Jude: Charisma (6), Gourmet Cooking (10), Handiness (10)
Leia: Gardening (9), Singing (10)
Naomi: Comedy (8), Cooking (7), Painting (6)



Births: Brielle Royal (Naomi & Brock’s daughter), Darien Royal (Leia & Jaxson’s son)


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