Rotation 5: Brock & Natalie/Lancelot & Maci

+ year 1, both weeks of winter
+ this update covers both brock & natalie and maci & lancelot’s households
+ the magical ice skating vendor is the real mvp of this save file
+ meyer briggs types, continued: brock is ENFJ, lancelot is ISTJ, maci is INTJ, and natalie is ENTJ
+ will someone PLEASE explain to brock that i don’t need him to single-handedly populate the bacc


11-29-19_11-26-00 PM

11-29-19_11-28-44 PM11-30-19_1-50-47 AM11-30-19_2-37-38 AM11-30-19_1-45-34 PM11-30-19_1-48-10 PM11-30-19_2-14-36 PM11-30-19_2-25-38 PM11-30-19_2-40-43 PM11-30-19_2-40-54 PM11-30-19_2-47-34 PM11-30-19_2-48-33 PM11-30-19_6-08-10 PM11-30-19_6-08-33 PM11-30-19_6-10-41 PM11-30-19_6-11-01 PM11-30-19_6-11-38 PM11-30-19_6-16-54 PM11-30-19_6-21-21 PM11-30-19_6-26-49 PM11-30-19_6-42-16 PM11-30-19_6-49-25 PM11-30-19_7-14-11 PM11-30-19_7-35-23 PM11-30-19_8-12-37 PM12-01-19_12-46-12 AM12-01-19_12-48-52 AM12-01-19_12-52-36 AM12-01-19_12-53-45 AM



Brock: Baking (10), Charisma (3)
Lancelot: Charisma (10)
Maci: Charisma (5), Fitness (10)
Natalie: Mixology (5)



Births (offscreen): Roger Fyres (Brock & Siobhan Fyres’ son)


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