Rotation 6: Original Household/Brock & Natalie

+ year 2: spring
+ yes i held off on everyone getting married until there was a park in town
+ i mean technically there are a trillion parks because i made the mistake of not starting this challenge in an empty save
+ but you know what i mean


11-30-19_10-23-28 PM11-30-19_10-24-21 PM11-30-19_10-26-40 PM11-30-19_10-41-01 PM11-30-19_10-42-04 PM11-30-19_11-50-55 PM11-30-19_11-51-48 PM12-01-19_12-33-26 AM12-01-19_12-34-12 AM12-01-19_12-37-54 AM12-01-19_12-38-23 AM12-01-19_1-34-50 PM12-01-19_1-45-20 PM12-01-19_1-49-30 PM12-01-19_1-53-15 PM12-01-19_1-55-08 PM12-01-19_1-58-54 PM12-01-19_2-06-00 PM12-01-19_2-06-59 PM12-01-19_2-45-28 PM12-01-19_2-48-45 PM12-01-19_4-19-53 PM12-01-19_4-20-53 PM12-01-19_5-37-50 PM12-01-19_6-15-13 PM12-01-19_8-55-15 PM12-01-19_8-59-27 PM12-01-19_9-01-00 PM12-01-19_10-06-09 PM12-01-19_10-06-31 PM12-01-19_10-10-11 PM12-01-19_10-15-25 PM12-01-19_10-29-39 PM12-01-19_10-36-09 PM12-01-19_10-37-50 PM12-01-19_10-39-08 PM12-01-19_10-40-01 PM12-01-19_10-40-20 PM12-01-19_10-41-00 PM12-01-19_10-41-28 PM12-01-19_10-43-20 PM12-01-19_10-44-21 PM12-01-19_10-44-53 PM12-01-19_10-45-09 PM12-01-19_10-48-44 PM12-01-19_10-48-55 PM12-01-19_10-49-15 PM12-01-19_10-49-52 PM12-01-19_10-50-56 PM12-01-19_10-52-56 PM12-01-19_10-58-07 PM12-01-19_11-00-13 PM12-01-19_11-00-39 PM12-01-19_11-03-20 PM



Jude: Charisma (8)
Leia: Gardening (10)
Naomi: Cooking (10)
Brock: Charisma (5)
Natalie: Mixology (7)


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