Rotation 7: Brock & Natalie/Lancelot & Maci

+ year 2: winter
+ natalie and brock’s twins: the first set (born between rotations) is finn & fiona, and the second set is hank & harrison
+ they’re actually why i implemented my custom aging system: i couldn’t deal with the idea of all those babies for 14 days, it just didn’t work for me as a like aging concept
+ i’ll do a post about my custom aging system, too
+ other upcoming posts: a guide to all these kids! my goal for the weekend is just to get these rotation posts up and the save transferred to my new computer, so i’m prioritizing that, but all the informative posts are on the way.


12-12-19_7-44-34 PM12-12-19_8-27-44 PM12-12-19_9-08-15 PM12-12-19_9-13-58 PM12-12-19_9-14-07 PM12-12-19_9-26-04 PM12-12-19_9-26-26 PM12-12-19_10-02-56 PM12-12-19_10-59-41 PM12-12-19_11-46-48 PM12-12-19_11-47-06 PM12-13-19_6-35-25 PM12-13-19_7-24-34 PM12-13-19_9-04-56 PM12-13-19_9-05-27 PM12-13-19_9-24-32 PM12-13-19_9-49-06 PM12-13-19_9-50-34 PM12-13-19_10-00-08 PM12-13-19_10-01-51 PM12-13-19_10-19-49 PM12-13-19_10-20-00 PM12-13-19_10-21-44 PM12-13-19_10-24-23 PM12-13-19_10-24-30 PM12-13-19_10-26-38 PM12-13-19_10-27-46 PM12-13-19_10-41-56 PM12-14-19_10-43-25 PM12-14-19_10-44-05 PM12-14-19_11-01-18 PM12-14-19_11-13-40 PM12-14-19_11-38-47 PM12-14-19_11-41-04 PM12-14-19_11-42-41 PM12-14-19_11-42-54 PM12-15-19_12-16-05 AM12-15-19_12-22-59 AM12-15-19_12-29-24 AM



Brock: Charisma (8)
Maci: Charisma (8)
Natalie: Mixology (8)


Finn & Fiona Morgan (Brock & Natalie’s first set of twins, born between rotations)
Hank & Harrison Morgan (Brock & Natalie’s second set of twins)
Ginny Redmond (Lancelot & Maci’s daughter, born between rotations)
Isaac Redmond (Lancelot & Maci’s son)


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