Rotation 7: Charles & Mabel

+ year 3: spring
+ what they lack in number of pictures, they make up for in impact
+ when i move this bacc onto my new computer, i’m actually going to import all the households into a blank save, along with a few nonplayable families (jaxson hill and his family, for example)
+ will i also move salim benali, for the eye candy? PERHAPS
+ i actually am profoundly tempted to move in a handful of my favorite maxis playables
+ and the magical ice skating vendor guy, of course


12-15-19_12-48-28 AM12-15-19_12-53-39 AM12-15-19_1-02-01 AM12-15-19_1-06-16 AM12-15-19_1-15-56 AM12-15-19_2-08-14 AM12-15-19_2-42-09 AM12-15-19_3-06-36 AM12-15-19_3-07-50 AM12-15-19_3-09-30 AM12-15-19_3-18-56 AM12-15-19_3-32-38 AM12-15-19_3-48-23 AM



Charles: Charisma (10), Comedy (3)
Mabel: Charisma (5), Writing (7)

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