Rotation 7: Original Household/Jude & Naomi

+ year 2: fall
+ i’m using earned cas slots to move in townies, too
+ but i’m not using cas slots on kids who were fathered by my residents
+ so for this example, i used a cas slot to move siobhan into the original house but i didn’t use one to move in roger (her son with brock)
+ however, i didn’t actually have a cas slot at the time, so it was temporarily -1 until someone earned one oops
+ one day i’ll do a post about the holidays in my game, but for now, a note: i do indeed have a halloween based holiday called spookyfest


12-06-19_7-41-49 PM12-06-19_8-03-18 PM12-06-19_8-49-25 PM12-06-19_9-05-20 PM12-06-19_9-19-52 PM12-06-19_10-00-52 PM12-07-19_12-40-58 AM12-07-19_1-20-28 AM12-07-19_1-22-20 AM12-07-19_1-23-17 AM12-07-19_1-30-06 AM12-07-19_1-33-40 AM12-07-19_1-34-50 AM12-07-19_1-37-39 AM12-07-19_1-38-53 AM12-07-19_1-39-06 AM12-11-19_7-30-21 PM12-11-19_8-04-25 PM12-11-19_8-05-05 PM12-11-19_9-13-49 PM12-11-19_9-14-32 PM12-11-19_9-14-40 PM12-11-19_9-31-26 PM12-11-19_9-41-51 PM12-11-19_10-32-44 PM12-11-19_10-33-04 PM12-11-19_10-54-02 PM12-11-19_10-54-29 PM12-11-19_10-55-11 PM12-11-19_10-56-22 PM12-11-19_10-56-37 PM12-11-19_10-57-47 PM12-11-19_10-58-22 PM12-11-19_10-59-23 PM12-11-19_10-59-47 PM12-11-19_11-01-02 PM12-11-19_11-01-16 PM12-11-19_11-02-14 PM12-11-19_11-02-36 PM12-11-19_11-32-52 PM12-12-19_12-08-05 AM



Jude: Charisma (10)
Siobhan: Charisma (7)


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