Rotation 7: Summary Post



Population: 23 x 2 = 46
Sims Multiplier:
 1 (base) + 1 (for unlocking Florist) = 2
Households: 5
Available lot types: Museum, Pool, Restaurant
Available resident slots: 1
Community fund: $6,832



New Residents (Birth): Finn, Fiona, Hank & Harrison Morgan; Ginny & Isaac Redmond
New Resident (CAS):
Siobhan Fyres (with Roger)



1 slot in each Criminal career path (from having 5 households)
1 slot in the Medical career path (from having 5 households)



Arts Center: Painting 10 & Handiness 10 achieved, Mixology 10 in progress
Library: Writing 10 in progress
Lounge: Singing 10 & Violin 10 achieved, Comedy 10 in progress
Politics career path: 5 households achieved, Town Hall not added
Restaurant #2: 
Cooking 10 achieved, but not Gourmet Cooking & Baking

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