Rotation 8: Original Household/Jude & Naomi

+ year 3: spring week 2/summer week 1
+ i know that’s so much less clean than posting both weeks of a season together
+ but brock & natalie have so many pictures from this rotation that they needed their own update
+ yes, sofia bjergsen had charles seagraves’ daughter (diane) between rotations, so i moved them into the original household
+ and yes, jaxson hill got mabel seagraves pregnant ;;;;;;;;;;;
+ jude & naomi’s cats are named flash and shadow, and they are now the most important members of the save


12-15-19_5-06-22 AM12-15-19_3-21-50 PM12-15-19_3-22-00 PM12-15-19_3-30-33 PM12-15-19_3-31-06 PM12-15-19_3-35-22 PM12-15-19_4-21-40 PM12-15-19_4-54-06 PM12-15-19_5-05-01 PM12-15-19_5-12-02 PM12-15-19_5-26-51 PM12-15-19_6-00-31 PM12-15-19_6-08-27 PM12-15-19_6-49-42 PM12-15-19_6-54-47 PM12-15-19_7-11-15 PM12-15-19_7-12-17 PM12-15-19_7-19-00 PM12-15-19_7-19-20 PM12-15-19_7-19-32 PM12-15-19_7-35-20 PM12-15-19_7-36-35 PM12-15-19_9-17-31 PM12-15-19_9-19-34 PM12-15-19_9-22-22 PM12-15-19_9-24-36 PM12-15-19_9-24-59 PM12-15-19_9-27-47 PM12-15-19_9-33-42 PM12-15-19_9-45-37 PM12-15-19_9-58-17 PM12-15-19_10-18-48 PM12-15-19_10-38-04 PM12-15-19_10-38-54 PM12-15-19_10-41-48 PM12-15-19_10-43-35 PM12-15-19_10-44-05 PM12-15-19_11-15-11 PM12-15-19_11-16-04 PM12-15-19_11-18-15 PM12-15-19_11-26-14 PM12-15-19_11-26-22 PM12-15-19_11-27-11 PM12-16-19_6-40-39 PM12-16-19_6-45-30 PM12-16-19_6-46-12 PM12-16-19_6-46-25 PM12-16-19_6-46-48 PM12-16-19_6-52-41 PM12-16-19_6-56-43 PM12-16-19_6-59-49 PM12-16-19_7-48-43 PM12-16-19_7-51-45 PM12-16-19_8-14-44 PM12-16-19_8-14-54 PM12-16-19_8-16-26 PM12-16-19_8-17-31 PM12-16-19_8-17-55 PM12-16-19_8-22-51 PM12-16-19_9-07-47 PM12-16-19_9-10-41 PM12-16-19_9-11-52 PM



Naomi: Comedy (9)
Siobhan: Charisma (9)



Kirsten (Sofia’s daughter with Sergio Romeo)
Loretta (Siobhan’s daughter with Ricardo Tellez)


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