Rotation 8: Charles & Mabel

+ year 3: week 2 of fall
+ mabel had 2 babies between rotations: jordan (with charles) and malcolm (with jaxson hill, because he’s a MENACE)
+ now that i’ve finished the rotation, i’ll be moving everyone to the new save on my NEW COMPUTER
+ and i will also be posting the kids’ guide…. soon. probably tomorrow.


12-21-19_7-53-04 PM12-21-19_7-59-51 PM12-21-19_8-02-43 PM12-21-19_8-03-16 PM12-21-19_8-04-11 PM12-21-19_8-49-30 PM12-21-19_9-37-09 PM12-21-19_10-04-51 PM12-21-19_10-13-05 PM12-21-19_10-20-55 PM12-21-19_10-24-15 PM12-21-19_10-44-55 PM12-21-19_10-49-20 PM12-21-19_10-55-15 PM12-21-19_10-55-30 PM12-21-19_11-00-39 PM12-21-19_11-11-19 PM12-21-19_11-41-04 PM12-21-19_11-42-29 PM12-22-19_12-27-52 AM12-22-19_12-28-18 AM12-22-19_12-43-22 AM12-22-19_1-10-26 AM12-22-19_1-11-21 AM



Charles: Comedy (7)
Mabel: Charisma (6), Writing (8)

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