Rotation 8: Maci & Lancelot

+ year 3: week 1 of fall
+ baby #4 is a girl, nina!
+ their other kids: elliott (maci’s son with jaxson hill), ginny & isaac
+ i’m so happy ea fixed the trick or treat glitch
+ trust me, i’d love to upgrade their house, but they just don’t make enough money


12-20-19_7-13-45 PM12-20-19_7-22-13 PM12-20-19_7-24-44 PM12-20-19_9-03-03 PM12-20-19_9-07-25 PM12-20-19_9-19-10 PM12-20-19_9-31-52 PM12-20-19_9-33-46 PM12-20-19_9-54-10 PM12-20-19_10-06-34 PM12-20-19_10-08-18 PM12-20-19_10-11-34 PM12-20-19_10-18-31 PM12-20-19_10-36-47 PM12-20-19_10-37-22 PM12-20-19_10-41-40 PM12-21-19_5-20-16 PM12-21-19_5-32-43 PM12-21-19_5-34-52 PM12-21-19_5-39-20 PM12-21-19_5-40-22 PM12-21-19_5-41-17 PM12-21-19_5-43-08 PM12-21-19_5-44-55 PM12-21-19_5-49-10 PM

12-21-19_5-51-06 PM12-21-19_5-58-38 PM12-21-19_5-59-15 PM12-21-19_5-59-49 PM12-21-19_6-03-29 PM12-21-19_6-09-00 PM12-21-19_6-13-50 PM12-21-19_6-26-54 PM12-21-19_6-29-29 PM12-21-19_7-04-44 PM



Maci: Charisma (9)


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