Rotation 9: Brock and Natalie (Part 1)

OH BOY. So much happened in this household during this rotation that they actually need two updates for me to cover it all. This one takes them through Thursday morning, if I remember correctly.

brock and natalie 5 toddlers

The house was full of toddlers as the rotation began. Left to right: Finn, Harrison, Brock, Hank, Caleb, Natalie, and Fiona. Finn & Fiona are twins, Hank & Harrison are twins, and their names are all in alphabetical order by age.


02-18-20_6-52-47 PM

Natalie began her rotation in her element: surrounded by her kids.



02-18-20_6-56-26 PM

Even in the Sims, mom life means not being able to get time to yourself in the bathroom.



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I’m so glad I nudged these two together during that one party. They’re really cute.



02-18-20_7-21-24 PM

I’d say this is cute, quality step-parenting from Brock, were it not for how they’re both wearing their pajamas outside on a snowy day.



02-18-20_7-23-13 PM

One of my big tasks during this rotation is making sure everyone meets each other again. Between the new save resetting everyone’s relationships and there being so many kids aging up this rotation, it’s important to get everyone acquainted. So there have been a lot of parties and club meetings going on!



02-18-20_8-07-00 PM

Avery, Brielle, and Caleb–the first three kids born in this save!



02-18-20_8-22-13 PM

… I mean, I can’t say I’ve ever drunk milk while having a hot bath, but whatever makes you happy, Brock.



02-18-20_8-25-48 PM

Finn isn’t quite sure what to think of Natalie’s willingness to contort herself any which way for her children. ^^



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Did I take a billion pictures of cute Toddler interactions? Yes, yes I did. I can’t help it! This family requires a lot of micromanaging, sure, but they’re so worth it.



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Natalie: “Trying shower woohoo for the first time is so fun!”
Brock: “Er, yes… first time… absolutely…”



02-18-20_8-49-26 PM

First thing in the morning, and a Toddler dance party is already underway.



02-18-20_8-49-59 PM

Meanwhile, Brock is coughing all over the family breakfast.



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Meanwhile, Natalie discovered that baby #6 is on the way in what was definitely the cutest pregnancy streamers moment I’ve ever seen.



02-18-20_9-01-26 PM

Finn was not as pleased as Natalie and I were.



02-18-20_9-03-17 PM

Like son, like father!



02-18-20_9-03-31 PM

Brock was pleased in the end. Finn, meanwhile, appears to be counting down the days until he can roll the Hates Children trait.



02-18-20_9-03-44 PM

I just can’t get over how cute the smug little pose Independent Toddlers do is.



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Toddlers, toddlers everywhere.



02-18-20_9-19-31 PM

Fiona helpfully debuted my new favorite cute in game thing: playing in the snow.



Even cuter: this entirely autonomous series of interactions between Natalie and Fiona when Natalie arrived home from work!



02-18-20_9-34-05 PM

The dancing continues! (It’s the theme of this rotation, pretty much. Just wait until you see Mabel and Charles’s update.)



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Roger and Finn’s first, autonomous interaction in this save. So cute!! (Roger, if you’ll recall, is Brock’s son with Siobhan Fyres.)



02-18-20_9-38-15 PM

Brielle is Brock’s daughter with Naomi, but dang, moments like this make it especially clear how much of Naomi’s face structure she inherited.



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Siobhan propositioned Brock… and then was immediately like “ok bye!” and bailed, which cracked me right up.



02-18-20_9-43-03 PM

Me: “Brielle is just so great.”
Brielle: “I know~”



02-18-20_9-43-29 PM

Flash cards time~



02-18-20_9-45-08 PM

Brock’s culinary adventures continue.



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Brielle and Roger stuck around and had some cute bonding time with the kids, which was great. I really want all the kids to have solid relationships with their siblings, so I want to make sure to put in a lot of effort between the siblings who don’t live in the same household.



02-18-20_9-57-07 PM

Naomi left, but then came back. I can only assume it was because she heard the siren call of the never ending BACC dance party.



02-18-20_10-01-00 PM

Apparently all that dancing took it out of her.



02-18-20_10-02-38 PM

This was when the wrecking started.



02-18-20_10-02-48 PM

Natalie was apparently so pleased with her parenting that she celebrated with a little happy dance.



02-18-20_10-14-07 PM

And then she had a nice drink in the tub.



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Brock and the Toddler flock having some nice morning bonding times.




02-18-20_10-20-59 PM

Meanwhile, Natalie casually took a few years off my life.



02-18-20_10-23-34 PM

Also meanwhile, I decided to get a jump start on decorating the house for Winterfest.



02-18-20_10-26-37 PM

With some help. (?)



02-18-20_10-29-18 PM

And Caleb decided to get a head start on growing (?)



02-18-20_10-29-24 PM

A short lived attempt, thankfully!



02-18-20_10-35-16 PM

Natalie had the want to share the big news, so I went ahead and had her tell Maci when Maci arrived for Caleb’s party. These two have become really close in the new save, which makes me happy.



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Caleb became the first Child in the household! I apparently didn’t get a CAS picture of him. ;;;;;;; He randomized the Loves Outdoors trait, which made me super happy. He’s truly his mother’s son. ❤



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Now that he’s a Child, it was time to give him a room! I decided that he gets the smallest bedroom, and then the other two rooms would depend on the gender of baby #6–if it’s a boy then it’ll share the biggest room with Hank & Harrison while Finn & Fiona get the middle room, but if it’s a girl then it’ll share with Fiona and Finn, Hank & Harrison will get the biggest room. Since he loves the outdoors, I went with a dinosaur and nature decor scheme for him, and threw in some Void Critters for good measure.



02-19-20_9-45-00 PM

And while I was at it, I went ahead and made a cute laundry nook.



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And the Winterfest decorating continued!



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Now, back to the party!



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Much to my astonishment, Avery went around autonomously being nice to people!



02-19-20_9-37-37 PM

Well, mostly.



02-19-20_9-35-14 PM

Jude and Maci approve of the family portrait. Either that or they’re both thinking about how glad they are that they aren’t the ones with 6 kids.



02-19-20_9-39-04 PM

I just love these cute Toddler interactions. ❤



02-19-20_9-50-10 PM

I also love how cute and happy Natalie looks when she’s pregnant. ❤ I’d let her have more kids if the game would, honestly. She just seems like one of those people who would have a billion.



02-19-20_9-52-31 PM

Winterfest kicks off with all the kids swarming Brock.



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This reminds me so much of the days in my Redmond Legacy save when Brock’s uncle, Viktor, would be interacting with family members while working out.



02-19-20_9-53-46 PM

… I really need to put a railing on the stairs.



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Caleb autonomously pranked the gifts, showed off the mod that gives kids & teens missing teeth and/or braces while doing so.



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Since most of the kids are so young, instead of my typical tree decorating family bonding time I just had them all open presents. I wish that sims would all open gifts together, but alas.



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Later on it was time for the family and friends gathering part of Winterfest!



02-19-20_10-06-10 PM

Brielle took the moment to show off her soccer skills.



02-19-20_10-10-33 PM

She also got in some bonding time with her dad. ❤



02-19-20_10-12-11 PM

I tried to have everyone gather around and sing Winterfest songs, but couldn’t get any good shots. ;;;; I’ll have to remember not to back trees into a corner in the future.



02-19-20_10-23-26 PM

Natalie’s third trimester belly adds a little something to the Winterfest belly laugh.



02-19-20_10-25-39 PM

Father Winter clearly agrees!



02-19-20_10-26-46 PM

The kids were all asleep, so Brock and Natalie were the only ones that got presents from Father Winter. Ooooops.



02-19-20_10-28-38 PM

Natalie got prank gifts both times she attempted the gift pile, bless her. ;;



02-19-20_10-31-27 PM

…. oooookay Father Winter, I think it’s time for you to go!



02-19-20_10-41-41 PM

The morning started out the way it usually does, with a flock of children in the living room–



02-19-20_10-42-12 PM

–but quickly took a different turn!



02-19-20_10-42-58 PM

Yes, this is a picture of Brock laughing in his sleep while Natalie gives birth.



02-19-20_10-43-50 PM

Baby #6 is a girl, Phoebe! I admit, I was hoping for a girl since there have been so many boys in this household.



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