Rotation 9: Lancelot & Maci (Part 1)

Welcome back to Spotlight BACC! Maci and Lancelot are also getting a two part update: not because of death related developments, thankfully, but because of lots of neighborhood gatherings and general cuteness.

02-22-20_12-01-01 PM

The household at the beginning of the update, left to right: Lancelot, Elliott (Maci’s son with Jaxson Hill), Ginny, Maci, Nina, and Isaac.


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The kids started things off with a bang: Elliott found himself a dress, and Nina aged herself up.



02-22-20_12-13-05 PM

I’ve decided Maci and Lancelot aren’t having any more kids, but I admit I’m sometimes tempted to change my mind, because their kids are so cute!



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Nina and her fox hoodie threw herself right into family interactions, which was really sweet to see.



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Lancelot seems to have decided to take over the Best Spotlight BACC Dad role now that Brock is no longer with us T_T and spent the rotation being really sweet with the flock of Toddlers.



02-22-20_12-39-58 PM

The way their stances lined up to make it look like Lancelot had his arm around Roger made me lol.



02-22-20_12-40-19 PM

If I were writing this as a narrative story, I would totally write these two as having a Connection. Watching them in game, I’ve definitely always thought there’s something there. It’s interesting to see them look at each other like this from time to time.



02-22-20_12-42-46 PM

Lancelot: “EXCUSE ME?”

Hey, no breaking the fourth wall!



02-22-20_12-47-24 PM

(Yes, he was actually being Jealous because Maci was talking to Siobhan.) (And it seems like he’s not the only Royal sibling breaking the fourth wall!)



On a cuter note, here were some nice interactions between the kids from day 1!



02-22-20_12-49-54 PM

(I probably should have cut this picture to save file space, but it’s so cute that I just couldn’t!)



02-22-20_12-52-06 PM

Dinner time with the Tod squad!



02-22-20_12-54-58 PM

Maci still looks a little sad, but overall she seems much happier in this save so far.



02-22-20_12-56-35 PM

Siobhan invited Maci to dinner at Jude’s restaurant, the Genesis Diner. I let Maci go because I wanted to see how it would run when I was there as a guest.

First observation: one of the waitresses has apparently brought in her identical twin.



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Second observation: Charles, Mabel and  Mekhi were there AS ALWAYS. And Mabel is still only ordering a beverage, as always.



02-22-20_1-03-42 PM

And Jude ordered himself a sandwich, looked very qt while doing so. ❤



02-22-20_1-00-43 PM

I need to let my sims go out to eat together more often. And visit each other, or other lots, more often in general. One of the many things I want to work on in this save.



Back at the ranch, cute parenting moments abounded!



02-22-20_1-17-06 PM

Sister Synchronized Eating Hour.



02-22-20_1-34-59 PM

They can’t fit a dining table in their house, so I built them a back porch and put a table out there. They have yet to use it to eat, though, presumably because there isn’t a back door leading directly to it. I could flip it around and put it behind the kitchen, I guess, but even that wouldn’t work since the stove and kitchen cabinets are lined up along that wall. Hmmmm…




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Ginny took advantage of the spring weather to, er, test out the new porch and overall yard situation. ;;;;;;;;



02-22-20_1-44-14 PM

Meanwhile, Maci took in a show while eating her breakfast. ^^



02-22-20_1-45-59 PM

Fortifying herself for the parenting jobs ahead, presumably.



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But when your kids are this cute on every level, all the cleaning and disciplining is totally worth it.



02-22-20_2-27-20 PM

Speaking of kids being real cute (and mad, apparently, in Roger’s case) I finally remembered to have a Toddler play date! I’m really looking forward to watching friendships and relationships in general form amongst generation two, and thought that having a Toddler play date so that the kids could meet each other (and so the adults could build friendships, too) would be great. And of course I invited Roger and Darien for good measure, since they’re both Maci and Lancelot’s nephews. And Darien is Elliott’s brother–they share a dad, Jaxson Hill–too, now that I think about it!



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So much cuteness resulted. (4 pictures in this slideshow.)



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Yes, this is why the updates are probably all going to be two-parters at this point. (4 more pictures in this slideshow.)



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But when this much cuteness is happening, how can I resist!! (3 pictures in this slideshow.)



02-22-20_2-43-53 PM

Missed narrative opportunity of the update: in game this is actually Natalie pranking Lancelot with fake bad news, but if I were writing this project as a story it would be them talking about how much they miss Brock together.



02-22-20_3-08-20 PM

I’m really glad that Maci and Lancelot’s selfies with Brock carried over to the new save, since I didn’t have time to get him pictures with anyone before his death. )))))))):



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And Lancelot & Maci ended the evening with some cute story times and a little fourth wall breaking for good measure.



02-22-20_2-54-52 PM

One really annoying thing I discovered is that switching them to a new save means that Natalie and Maci’s collections progress were reset. ;;;;; They’re both nearly done completing the Collector aspiration, they just need to finish a collection, and now they’ll both have to start it all over again. Alas, etc.



02-22-20_3-07-38 PM

Between the 100 baby’s apartment life and the BACC save, I’m super tempted to install that mod that stops townies from dropping food and drinks everywhere, because this is not an appealing sight to see.



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Ginny, you are not helping.



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Let’s look at cute family interactions instead.




02-22-20_3-06-07 PM

Like me, Ricardo loves love.




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Was Ricardo there because it’s birthday party time? You know he was!



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It was time for Elliott to become a Child!

He aged up into the bowl cut, which made me really happy. I’m trying to sort of create different looking ages for kids, so like during the first week they’re children I’ll style them like they’re 5-6 years old, and then age their looks gradually. Ideally when there are a group of kids together in a picture, anyone looking at it will be able to tell which ones are older and which ones are younger.



02-22-20_4-17-08 PM

I set up his corner of the room, too! He and Isaac now share a room, as are Ginny and Nina.



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More party interactions!




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These two are so cute and photogenic. (When Lancelot isn’t being Jealous, anyway.)



02-22-20_4-01-11 PM

Speaking of cuteness. ❤




02-22-20_3-59-24 PM

Jaxson, Elliott’s dad, wasn’t at the party because he hadn’t met anyone in the household yet. He jogged by during the party, though, so I was able to set him as Elliott’s dad AND Maci was able to (re-)introduce herself and invite him in.



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Jaxson seems to have turned over a new leaf in this save. He hasn’t gotten anybody pregnant so far!



02-22-20_4-30-41 PM

Meanwhile, Leia seems to have developed a penchant for scaring people in this save.



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And here is some more Lancelot & Maci cuteness to end this half of the update.

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