Rotation 9: Lancelot & Maci (Part 2)

Time for the second half of Lancelot and Maci’s week! I know the population is expanding a lot, and it’s probably getting hard to keep track of all these kids, but I’m working on some more character guides–specifically, I’m putting together household specific guides to go with the ones I have for all the founders/adult settlers and all the kids.


02-22-20_4-35-40 PM

The way Fiona’s conversation with Leia lined up to make it look like she was also helping Elliott with his homework made me lol.



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Early morning bonding times with the family, nuclear and extended.



02-22-20_4-55-32 PM

Natalie and Maci officially became best friends!



02-22-20_4-56-16 PM

Lancelot was not pleased, because the Jealousy coding in game is a PITA. ):<



02-22-20_4-58-50 PM

Jude was not pleased that Lancelot was not pleased.



02-22-20_5-01-51 PM

I mean, look, if this were a narrative story then obviously I’d be sending Lancelot to therapy on the regular to tend to his insecurity issues because not wanting your spouse to have any positive interactions with basically anyone is incredibly unhealthy. As it is, I’m really tempted to download a mod that reworks the jealousy coding so that it eliminates some of that.



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At least I can count on the kids to be cute.



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To my complete lack of surprise, Natalie is an A++ an aunt as she is a mom.



02-22-20_5-30-04 PM

Lancelot was still in A++ dad mode, which I appreciate.



02-22-20_5-34-32 PM

Something about this just seemed so true to life that it made me lol.



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Natalie came back later in the day all dressed up, bringing some other sims with her…




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Yup, it was time for everyone to cram together to celebrate another birthday!



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This time Ginny aged up! She got the Cat Lover trait, which as a Cat Lover myself made me really happy. 😀 I gave her the Creativity aspiration because of how much time she spent making messes as a kid.



02-22-20_5-52-22 PM

The game picked out this outfit as her everyday, so I was immediately like “she wants to dress like a princess, got it!” and ran with it.



02-22-20_6-17-53 PM

I also decorated her side of the room accordingly.



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While I was at it, I redid the walls in the main area of the house. It had occurred to me that the yellow wallpaper/blue baseboards walls were very much Natalie’s style, and I do want to distinguish all my houses from each other. I don’t have a Style in mind for Maci and Lancelot per se, so I decided to get creative and go a little outside the box in terms of their walls. I think it works, though?



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Meanwhile, Ginny remains an awesome big sister.



02-22-20_5-36-18 PM

Toddler meeting! I’m so glad I installed a mod that lets Toddlers interact with other sims properly, because the way the game locks them out of befriending people outside their household is ridiculous.



02-22-20_6-23-46 PM

I feel like if I were a sim I, too would want to celebrate Leia’s existence by throwing streamers at her every chance I got.



02-22-20_9-10-33 PM

Another day, another opportunity for Lancelot to be pressed at the idea of Maci making friends. >.<



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More party shots!



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I added Elliott to the kids’ club, so I had him start a meeting so that I could work on building up their club points and unlocking more member slots. Ginny and Nina’s room proved to be a favorite hangout spot, for some reason.




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I’m really, really looking forward to seeing how all these kids grow and what relationships they form over time. I think they’re going to be a really fun bunch to play!



02-22-20_6-43-32 PM

Darien illustrating what true Evil is. ;;;;;;



02-22-20_6-46-45 PM

I actually caught my dearly beloved Ricardo hitting on Maci!!! oooooo: Even more shocking, she turned him down!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a BACC sim reject a romantic overture before.



02-22-20_7-01-45 PM

After a chill Saturday morning, I got the whole family ready to go…



02-22-20_7-21-52 PM

To the Pirate Wedding Park! I thought about bringing along basically the entire neighborhood, but ended up deciding to just bring Ricardo & Siobhan (since they’re friends with Lancelot & Maci) and Jaxson (so that Elliott could get some time with his dad) and seeing who the game would bring to the park.

Brielle was the first sim I spotted there, which made me happy because I was regretting not adding her to the group.



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Brielle seemed to enjoy playing with her cousins. 😀

(Yes, at some point I’ll do a giant post/guide reminding everyone who all is related to who, but I want to finish the family guides first.)



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Ricardo and Ginny love love.



02-22-20_7-24-57 PM

You’re a week late on the mistletoe action, Maci, but y’all are so cute about it that I’ll allow it.



02-22-20_7-23-18 PM

This terrifying demon toddler is Angela Pleasant’s daughter. ooooooo:



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I had a mod in my game that brings Toddlers to parks, too, but I actually took it back out after this because it was so weird to see Toddlers there unsupervised! But it was nice to have the kids take the chance to meet Ricardo & Siobhan’s daughter, Loretta.



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And it is always really precious seeing the Toddlers play on this giant jungle gym.



02-22-20_7-29-16 PM

It’s a really tough call, but Maci & Lancelot just might have given us the cutest Toddlers out of all the couples.



02-22-20_7-31-47 PM

I found Ricardo getting in some bonding time with his stepson (well, he and Siobhan aren’t actually married yet, but still) which made me smile.



02-22-20_7-24-35 PM

Ricardo is always bonding with all the kids, which is one of the many reasons I adore him. ❤




02-22-20_7-33-14 PM

Meanwhile, Jaxson pretty much camped out on the chess sets. I’m so proud of him in this save. Look at this: he talked to at least two women at the park, and didn’t get either of them pregnant in the process!



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Like father, like son: Elliott also spent a bunch of time playing chess, showed off that teeth mod while doing so.



02-22-20_9-00-07 PM

I also found Jaxson, Ricardo and Lancelot having a cute little dad bonding session, which was just too precious for words.



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This moment made me really happy: I love how the animations lined up to make it look like Nina was watching Siobhan and Loretta play.



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In conclusion, I highly recommend park days, and will have to make an effort to have more of them in the save!



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I’m really glad this precious household was the one who gave us the first park day. ❤



02-22-20_9-08-48 PM

This family is also Maci approved.



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Jaxson and Ricardo also apparently came back to the house with them and hung out for a while.



02-22-20_9-15-15 PM

Me: “Omg is Lancelot making a friend???”
Me: /checks the interaction
Me: “…. oh he’s pickpocketing Jaxson NVM”



02-22-20_9-15-26 PM

As if to really drive the point home, he immediately changed into his new Criminal career outfit and went to work.



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And I’ll end the update with Maci showing off her newfound roller skating skills!



Lancelot: Cooking (6), Fitness (5), Mischief (6), Video Gaming (8)
Maci: Charisma (10), Comedy (4), Cooking (5), Logic (9), Programming (7), Video Gaming (6)

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