Rotation 9: Charles & Mabel (Part 1)

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! This is the last update from the ninth rotation. (As a refresher, there are two more households that weren’t played this time around because they accidentally got aged up an extra week, so I bypassed them this time around so that the other residents could catch up.) It’s another two parter. I think all the updates will be from now on, since things are becoming more eventful and since I’m taking the project a little more seriously.

Yes, the pictures are still kinda dark. Yes, I’m thinking about installing a reshade to brighten the game some. ;;

02-23-20_12-43-12 PM

The household at the beginning of the update, left to right: Jordan, Charles, Mekhi, Malcolm (Mabel’s son with Jaxson Hill) and Mabel.


02-22-20_9-36-35 PM

Jordan and Malcolm’s bond has been transferred to the new save along with the rest of the household!



02-22-20_9-37-39 PM

Mabel got a fancy new dress! During this week she actually finished the Bestselling Author aspiration. As per the Purzel Sims rules set, this gave me a Joker reward, and I decided to use it toward the Entertainment slot/x number of CAS sims. I used an online dice roller, and rolled a 6! Which is great, since that covers all the sims I’m planning to add to the save a few rotations from now.



02-22-20_9-39-52 PM

I discovered why Mekhi has been raging all over the neighborhood–he was actually going through a Mean phase. ))))))): This is a very angry BACC sometimes.



02-23-20_12-44-31 PM

Charles has so much game that he can  hit on random sims while facing 180 degrees away from them–while staring dead into the eyes of his wife’s baby daddy, no less.




02-23-20_12-47-06 PM

… I really need to quit forgetting to add railings to stairs.



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I’ve been having at least one meeting of the kids’ club at every household so that I can have them build up points and unlock the remaining member slots. Their activities are doing homework, watching TV/movies, and seasonal activities, so it was cute seeing them be little study buddies.



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… well, maybe “buddies” is a bit strong.



02-23-20_12-50-12 PM

One place guaranteed to be a conflict free zone–the never ending BACC dance party.



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Like father, like son.



02-23-20_1-14-54 PM

I just found something about this little dining setup really endearing. These two are so cute. ❤



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The office/family room is definitely a central family gathering place.



02-23-20_1-31-00 PM

Still not over the cute teeth mod.



02-23-20_2-38-54 PM

Possibly my favorite thing about the period part of Kawaii Stacie’s Slice of Life mod is that sims can get sugar cravings and cook sweet foods. Mabel fixed French toast, then turned right back around and made a cake.



02-23-20_2-41-12 PM

The BACC residents are just a little too close sometimes.

(Speaking of too close, I hadn’t set Naomi and Lancelot as cousins, and found that out the hard way. >.< >.< >.< Don’t worry, I fixed it as soon as I could.)



02-23-20_2-50-27 PM

…. will someone PLEASE explain to the Spotlight residents that this isn’t a Bingo card, they don’t have to bone all their neighbors.



02-23-20_2-46-14 PM

Most of the Spotlight residents had met each other again during the rotation, but Mabel was one of the exceptions, so I was really glad that I could have her talk to people and make friends again as a playable. She actually has some fame thanks to her writing, so I’m wondering if people can’t really approach her autonomously. I should probably switch off everyone’s fame.




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Brielle was apparently not having the greatest day of her life.



02-23-20_2-58-56 PM

… in a stunning plot twist, Avery was the pleasant Royal sister.



02-23-20_3-00-04 PM

Mekhi, you know you have an actual bed in your actual house which is actually right next door to this park, right?



02-23-20_3-05-41 PM

Mekhi’s  mean phase ended, but his penchant for yelling at Mabel did not. :/



02-23-20_3-07-17 PM

He and Charles, on the other hand, just about always got along like a house on fire.



02-23-20_3-10-24 PM

It makes sense, honestly–I picture Charles as being the chill, fun dad, and Mabel being tightly wound and more strict. Plus Mabel is a hothead, so of course she’s not going to react well to Mekhi having a go at her.



02-23-20_3-25-43 PM

On a happier note, it was time for the weekly Toddler party!



02-23-20_3-26-14 PM

Natalie and her youngest. ❤ I ought to pull Natalie’s Toddler photos and see if Phoebe is actually her mini me.



02-23-20_3-28-09 PM

Nina made a beeline straight for the boys’ stuffed animal upstairs, and her mom Maci followed her, which I thought was really cute.



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Mabel, your house is… it’s right over… oh never mind.




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Charles got in some bonding time with his daughter, Diane, and with his stepson Malcolm for good measure.



02-23-20_3-32-00 PM

And of course the Toddler party merged with the never ending dance party.



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Toddler bonding! I’ll have Toddlers (and sims of all age stages, for that matter) talk to each other if they haven’t met yet, but otherwise I leave the interactions up to them. I want to see what kind of relationships happen naturally.



Party shots!




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Mekhi can be a PITA, but he’s really sweet with his siblings, which I appreciate.



02-23-20_4-07-27 PM

Be proud: I basically never do anything with children’s aspirations, but I’m making an effort in this save. I even had Charles read to Mekhi, which I never do.



02-23-20_4-11-02 PM

Meanwhile, Mabel also read to Charles, though on a rather different topic.



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Mabel rolled up the want to do her makeup, which I didn’t even know was a thing! It was fun to watch, and I love the results, even though Mabel was raging around about it.



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I spent a fair amount of this rotation redecorating and building up the house. Maci is raking in quite a bit of money thanks to her writing, so I was able to work on the house every day. Decorating Mekhi’s room was one of my first priorities. Since he’s going to get the Cat Lover trait (I’m giving him the same traits he had in his original save) and since he’s a Whiz Kid, I went with cats and science items as his decor theme.



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I also overhauled the office. I think Mabel would really go for a classic midcentury modern styling in cool blue/grey/silver/white tones, so I’ve been styling the house accordingly.



02-23-20_5-01-49 PM

And I’ll end this half of the update with one more house update–I sold the giant Toddler jungle gym I got as the Toddler party reward and used it to give them a fancy backyard. I never fence in my sims’ yards, so this has taken some getting used to, but I think I like it. (And no, this isn’t its final form.)

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