Rotation 10: Original Household (Part 1)

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! I actually only had time to play through the Original Household last weekend, so after this two part update I’ll be caught up to where I am in game.

During this rotation’s updates, I’m going to be debuting my new character guides. You can already find ones for all the adults and all the kids. Now I’m making one for each household. The Original Household’s can be found here. I know there are a lot of residents in this save, so I wanted you to have plenty of references in case you’ve forgotten who a sim is. If there’s any information you would like me to add to any of the guides, please let me know.

02-28-20_8-18-06 PM

The household at the beginning of the week, left to right: Kirsten (Sofia’s younger daughter), Leia, Darien (Leia’s son), Diane (Sofia’s older daughter), and Sofia.


02-28-20_8-03-02 PM

Leia started off her week by grilling hot dogs. At two in the morning. As you do.



02-28-20_8-03-22 PM

Darien spent it drinking a glass of water, which would get him points for healthiness but given that he’s doing it at two in the morning it might all balance itself out.



I was really looking forward to playing this household for a number of reasons, a big one being Sofia and her daughters, Diane (the blonde) and Kirsten (the brunette). Out of everyone in the save I feel like I know those three the least, so I wanted to get some time with them in game. And they didn’t disappoint. They’re all real cute.



02-28-20_8-09-06 PM

Diane helpfully demonstrating to Kirsten what it looks like when the only way you can throw your dirty plate onto a wall shelf is to stand right in front of the stove, so then you just end up looking like you’re contemplating the universe in the stove’s surface, bewildering your sim overlord while doing so.



02-28-20_8-11-24 PM

Meanwhile, Darien giving us one of those moments where sims are just much, much too real.



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Club gathering time! They have both membership slots unlocked, but I made the club invitation only, so Naomi (as the club leader) is the only person who can actually invite sims to join. So at this point I’m basically just holding the club meetings so that the sims involved can build their relationships with each other.



02-28-20_8-24-15 PM

No, Lancelot still doesn’t approve of Maci having friends.



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ON A BRIGHTER NOTE I just want to take two seconds to talk about how enchanted I am with this house. The front still doesn’t look entirely right to me–maybe I should change out some of the windows for ones with shutters? But otherwise the walls and landscaping are just so soothing to look at. I’m actually really pleased with how it’s turned out, all things considered.



02-28-20_8-31-17 PM

Maci didn’t let a little thing like Lancelot yelling literally every time she interacted with anyone stop her from making friends.



02-28-20_8-29-26 PM

She is literally sick of his attitude, wow.



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Moments like this really drive home to me how much Brielle is shaping up to take after Naomi. I definitely picture her having the same outgoing, playful personality as Naomi,  just with a quick temper behind it.



Speaking of parent & child relationships, Leia and Darien have a really strong one. I was nervous about this, since Darien is Evil. And yeah, he does haul off and yell at her from time to time. But overall they’re really sweet with each other.



02-28-20_8-46-13 PM

I have no idea what’s happening here, but it’s amazing.



02-28-20_8-46-49 PM

Sofia actually has the Musical Genius aspiration, and has 8 Guitar skill points! I’d totally forgotten about this.



02-28-20_8-47-25 PM

It’s always interesting seeing what relationships my sims have formed with townies. For example, Darien is friends with another of my favorite townies, Scarlet Hill–she’s actually Jaxson’s granddaughter via one of his kids with his now-deceased wife, which makes her Darien’s niece.



02-28-20_8-53-30 PM

He’s also friends with this University student, but that didn’t stop him from being mean to her until she got Angry. The fact that he followed her around with that evil smirk made me crack up, I admit.



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Back at the house, there was another gathering going on. Natalie was wowing the kids with her soccer skills.



02-28-20_8-53-16 PM

Meanwhile, Sofia was wowing Jaxson with her guitar skills.



02-28-20_9-01-04 PM

And the playroom turned into a bit of a hotspot!



02-28-20_9-00-31 PM

I’m not sure what story Siobhan was coming up with for the dolls, but she seems to have shocked her son, Roger!



02-28-20_9-05-51 PM

Sofia and Kirsten had a much more serene playtime.



02-28-20_9-01-58 PM

Meanwhile, Elliott (Maci and Jaxson’s son) and Ginny (Maci and Lancelot’s older daughter) were having some sibling bonding at the chess set.



Much to my shock, Darien and Elliott’s sibling bonding session didn’t go as nicely. Them not getting along wasn’t the shock, obviously–it’s the cause, which is that Elliott was actually the one pestering and riling up Darien!



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ON ANOTHER NOTE ENTIRELY, Marina bought me Tiny Living Stuff for my birthday and I’ve been on a few CC downloading sprees lately, so I was able to spruce up all the bedrooms.



02-28-20_9-12-13 PM

That mom life: waking up at 5:30 AM on a Monday edition.



02-28-20_9-13-34 PM

The mom life has its benefits, though. ❤



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This wasn’t just any Monday–it was Summerfest! I’ve added several holidays to the game, and one of them is a Fourth of July esque holiday I’ve ever so creatively named Summerfest.



02-28-20_9-25-34 PM

LMAO Siobhan’s like “I turned my back for TWO SECONDS and they whipped out the wine?? And didn’t even give me any??”



02-28-20_9-28-49 PM

Darien keeps rolling up the want to play doctor, which is cute. Given that he has the Whiz Kid aspiration, I like the idea of him eventually being a doctor. Though of course I’ll need to unlock University for that, since I’ve decided that all careers that would require higher education in the real world will also require it in game…



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I’ve been adding some new faces to the neighborhood gatherings, in the hopes of single sims like Sofia hitting it off with someone. This guy, Skylar, is friends with Leia, so I had her invite him over.

And yes, he’s going to be important later, so put a pin in this.



02-28-20_9-30-48 PM

Awww, I remember when Darien and Roger were tiny precious Toddlers with the same hairstyle, and now they’re so grown up! /wipes away sentimental tear



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Of course I also made sure to give Diane and Charles bonding time. They get along so well, and it makes me so happy.



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Ah, Summerfest. A day for grilling, celebrating, bonding with your loved ones…



03-01-20_11-06-32 AM

And inadvertently blowing up fireworks in your face.



03-01-20_11-08-30 AM

The struggle is real: menstrual cycle and Toddler having a nightmare edition.



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Leia settled Diane back into bed, and was so adorable while doing so that it made me switch over from vaguely hoping Leia would have another kid to actively wishing for it.



03-01-20_11-43-34 AM

But speaking of the Toddlers that already exist, it was time for the weekly TODDLER PARTY.

(I’ve decided that I’m going to allow each household to do one as a goaled event, but after that they can only ever do it as a regular party. It wouldn’t really be fair for them to get free $5k jungle gym sets to resell every week.)



03-01-20_11-44-02 AM

That moment the twins realized they’d beaten their mother to the lot.



03-01-20_11-45-20 AM

But Natalie arrived soon enough…. more or less.



03-01-20_11-46-41 AM




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Toddlers everywhere! I love these parties entirely too much. It’s so fun watching what they all get up to.



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And it’s fun seeing what parent-child bonding moments happen, too. ❤



03-01-20_11-58-36 AM

I also caught this little Darien, Diane and Kirsten bonding session on camera, which I thought was really cute.



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After the Toddler party I ended I went ahead and started a Club gathering, and had them invite over a few other sims for good measure.



03-01-20_12-21-48 PM

PS what do you think of Lancelot’s new hair??? I like it. He doesn’t deserve a makeover after what a brat he’s been lately, but I’m soft hearted when it comes to him, so I did it anyway.



03-01-20_12-26-59 PM

Did I go ahead and let Leia build her romance with Jaxson back up? Yes, yes I did.



03-01-20_12-29-35 PM

And that wasn’t the only Jaxson related development that happened this week…


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