Rotation 10: Original Household (Part 2)

Here is the second half of the Original Household’s week during the tenth rotation! And here is their guide for your reference.


03-01-20_12-36-14 PM

After Jaxson left the house, I invited him back over almost immediately and was stunned to discover that he had aged up while he was off the lot!

I was really surprised by how much it bummed me out. I have aging on for all nonplayable sims, so I know that they’re all aging at a much faster rate than the Spotlight residents, but this is one case where I could no longer allow that to happen. I’m much too attached to Jaxson to just let him quickly die! So I devised a plan…



03-01-20_12-37-08 PM

He and Leia had already begun rebuilding their romantic relationship, so I went ahead and had her get back to work on it. Because he’s Jaxson, he  managed to check out Sofia while flirting with Leia. ;;;;;;;;



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When Leia rolled up the want to ask Jaxson to be her boyfriend, I went ahead and had her do it. He was actually her boyfriend in the original save, too.



03-01-20_12-41-13 PM

Her next want was to try on clothes in the closet. No word of a lie, this is the first thing she emerged in!



03-01-20_12-41-34 PM

She followed it up with this, which I didn’t realize at the time was quite prescient of her.



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(Her other looks. Perhaps she’s trying to indicate what direction she want her style to go in when she becomes an Adult?)



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Cute family bonding times. ❤



03-01-20_12-56-49 PM

Cute dancing Toddler times. ❤



03-01-20_2-03-22 PM

Since Sofia was a Townie for so long, she was actually scheduled to age up in a few days, which would make her about a week and a half older than my original settlers. Since she started out the save as a Teen, I decided I’d rather maintain their original age difference, so I gave her a potion of youth and will age her up manually when the time comes. So she’ll now become an Adult two weeks after the original Spotlight sims do.



03-01-20_2-14-05 PM

… Sofia it is raining there is water falling from the sky how can you even start a fire under these conditions I can’t even



03-01-20_2-14-44 PM




03-01-20_2-14-59 PM

Well now I guess we know who the favorite daughter is. (I kid, I kid!)



03-01-20_2-15-20 PM

Lancelot: “Why is my life so difficult-”



03-01-20_2-15-38 PM

Me: “Hmm, is saving his sister and a Toddler enough to make up for how he treats Maci?”
The game: “NOPE”
Me: “Agreed.”



03-01-20_2-21-53 PM

Once everyone had recovered from the fire, it was once again party time! When Mabel arrived, she immediately went to her stepdaughter and started teaching her vocabulary words, which was really cute and plays well into how I see her as someone who would prioritize reading/education with her kids.



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I love taking party pictures, yes I do~




03-01-20_2-27-18 PM

Oh my gosh Charles autonomously woohooed his ACTUAL SPOUSE, I’m so impressed!



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While all that was happening, it was time for Diane to age up! She rolled Cat Lover as her first trait, which made me happy, as does her face. I had no idea what to expect from a Charles & Sofia baby in terms of facial features, but so far Diane is impossibly cute.



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A new age meant it was time for a new bed, and I switched out a lot of things in their room for good measure. I finally downloaded the That’s What She Bed bunk beds set, and it’s been a literal game changer. Since a lot of my sim houses still have limited space in their kids’ bedrooms, these are really helpful. (You’ll see this in the Royal house update–now that Ollie is a Toddler he has to fit into Avery & Brielle’s already small bedroom, so I bought the girls a set of bunk beds and was therefore able to fit Ollie’s bed and potty into the room, too.)



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And of course the dance party continued!



03-01-20_2-30-01 PM

How did Darien respond to Diane becoming a Child? By yelling at her, of course. >.<



03-01-20_2-32-29 PM

At least Jaxson was around to be nice to her on her birthday.



03-01-20_3-11-54 PM

Evil though he may be, I have to admit, so far Darien is one of my favorite kids in the save.



03-01-20_3-15-43 PM

I got a bunch of really pretty shots of Diane searching for Voidcritter packs over at this corner of the neighborhood. This is just such a pretty game!



03-01-20_3-23-56 PM

More summertime prettiness: this time it’s resident Spotlight gardeners, Leia and Natalie, bonding in the garden.



03-01-20_3-28-05 PM

Now that Leia and Jaxson had been officially a couple again for a day, it was time to take my plan to the next level. So I had her invite him back over…



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And propose! She’d rolled the want to get engaged to Jaxson, so everything was perfect.



03-01-20_3-29-06 PM

Except for the part where she did it during a club meeting, and the club forbids romantic activities, so everyone who witnessed it got mad. ;;;



03-01-20_3-31-19 PM

… Lancelot, you weren’t even HERE, what are you mad about???



03-01-20_3-31-33 PM

… of course.



03-01-20_3-34-07 PM

There was just one problem with my plan. Remember how Jaxson was originally married, but then I mentioned earlier that his wife died?

Well, he’d already gotten remarried. To Skylar, that guy in the last update.

So I went ahead and had Leia convince him to break up with Skylar. ;;;;;; SORRY SKYLAR.



03-01-20_3-34-24 PM

Were this a narrative story, this would be used for a scene where Jaxson and Leia tell Sofia about their engagement and they all talk over the resulting living arrangements.



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But this isn’t a narrative legacy, so let’s skip ahead to shots of Leia dressed for her wedding! Since she’d tried on this dress earlier, I went ahead and used it for her. It strikes me as a very Leia dress, anyway–simple and elegant. I went ahead and put her hair up in a bun, too. I’m thinking about using this as her everyday hair when she becomes an Adult, but there are a few other styles I liked on her, too, so we’ll see…



03-01-20_3-55-15 PM

I sent Leia and Sofia out for dinner to celebrate, and invited the other girls in the save to go with them. The game, of course, interpreted this as me wanting to start a Club gathering. >.< >.< >.< I need to put the mod that stops that back in the game, because this is a super annoying bug.



03-01-20_3-53-57 PM

Mayor Naomi has apparently decided to promote her husband’s restaurant via starting a new trend in hatwear.



03-01-20_3-57-01 PM

The one (1) good thing about Lancelot spending LITERALLY THE ENTIRE MEAL freaking out at Maci every time she talked to someone was that he didn’t actually get to eat or drink any of his food. That’s what you get, friendo.



03-01-20_4-00-32 PM

Naomi is really taking to being a restaurateur’s wife. She even autonomously bused the table.



03-01-20_3-59-32 PM

Sofia hit it off with Darrel Charm, complete with autonomous flirting.



03-01-20_4-03-01 PM

After the meal ended, I let her stay on the lot to see if she could get any tips for her guitar playing. She didn’t, but I did get to see some residents in action. Charles, Mabel and Mekhi came in to eat (of course), Jaxson’s granddaughter Scarlet was there with her parents…



03-01-20_4-04-34 PM

And Jaxson and his husband, Skylar, came in!

Me: OMG is this how he’s going to divorce him? During dinner???



03-01-20_4-05-22 PM

Sofia decided to put on a private show for the overworked chef.



03-01-20_4-06-31 PM

And the last interesting development I saw before sending Sofia home was Avery and Jude coming in for a meal together! Maybe Jude is introducing Avery to restaurant life because he’s thinking she’ll take it over one day?



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Darien may have been mean to Diane, but at least she can count on her little sister. ❤



03-01-20_4-15-33 PM

This is such a cute little family. I’m glad I finally got the chance to play them properly. ❤



03-01-20_4-12-20 PM

I’m going to do a whole post about the things that I want to change about my BACC gameplay going forward, but for now I’ll briefly mention one thing: I’m using one of ophelia-nygmos’s Gameplay Wheels (the Random Occurrences one). I’ll roll once for each household at the very beginning of each rotation, and will have the entire week to accomplish whatever the wheel says. I’m thinking about using the Aspiration wheel as needed, too, since there isn’t an in-game Aspiration randomizer.

This household’s roll was that they had to buy a romance novel and spend the night reading, so Sofia accomplished that for us! (“Oh, these rolls are small potatoes”, you say? Just wait until you see what Jude and Naomi got….)



03-01-20_5-56-44 PM

I decided to have Leia and Jaxson’s wedding on Saturday, so that he would only be added to the household at the very end of the rotation. So of course the forecast had to be stormy. >.< I can’t wait until I can afford a second wedding venue for this save–not that that’s anywhere near the top of my priority list.



03-01-20_5-54-52 PM

… Siobhan… Siobhan, what….



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It’s always fun seeing what people get up to while I’m waiting for everyone to arrive.



03-01-20_6-01-34 PM

I finally decided it was time for the ceremony, and got this shot of these three together in the wedding area. ❤



03-01-20_6-03-28 PM

Which, of course, is when the clown suit moment happened–though that suit is really for me, not Leia. Turns out that even though I’d had Leia ask Jaxson to get a divorce, and even though he’d said he would, he didn’t! So it wasn’t possible to have them get married, and she didn’t have the option to ask him to divorce his husband anymore.



03-01-20_6-03-58 PM

So the actual wedding was a bust, but I figured I’d at least try to get something out of it, and fulfilled Leia’s whim to Try for a Baby with him instead.



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And I got these bonding shots of varying levels of sense and cuteness, too.



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This started as a missed narrative opportunity for a brooding Darien scene, and ended with him falling off the monkey bars while trying to swing upside down.



03-01-20_6-10-49 PM

I didn’t know what else to do, so I went ahead and moved Jaxon into the household, then manually had him divorce Skylar. I feel bad about it, but I’m not about to lose Jaxson this early in the game. Maybe I should bring in another guy for Skylar…




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Did you know a wedding dress doubles as ideal housework wear? ^^



03-01-20_8-55-52 PM

Poor Jaxson was really sad after the whole divorce. Poor guy had finally settled down and behaved himself in this save, and then I went in there and blew everything up.



03-01-20_8-57-11 PM

I suspect Leia will cheer him up, though.



03-01-20_9-00-06 PM

So that’s where I left things this week! My issue now is I’m not sure what to do with this household. If Leia is pregnant, that’ll almost fill up the house, and Darien wants a dog, so that will completely fill it. Ideally I’d like to move Jaxson, Leia and Darien out and continue to have the Original House function as somewhere for new sims to live as needed. (I’d also like to figure out a way to move Scarlett in with them–I adore her, and I’d love to keep her aging in sync with the kids so that she can become part of the group.) But the household only has $21k total, which isn’t enough to ship Leia, Jaxson and Darien off with. Maybe I’ll keep them all together for another rotation and see what their bank balance is at the end of it, then move forward from there?


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