Rotation 9: Charles and Mabel (Part 2)

Here’s the second half of Charles and Mabel’s week!

02-23-20_5-06-14 PM


02-23-20_5-02-49 PM

Another day, another sim who doesn’t understand that there’s not a woo-your-way-through-the-neighborhood competition underway.



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Wayward flirts aside, there was another nice gathering. The club has unlocked both remaining member slots, and I have a mod that allows more than 8 sims in a club, so my goal for rotation 10 is to get all the BACC adults added to the club.



02-23-20_6-43-30 PM

I think of Mabel and Siobhan as having somewhat similar styles–I think they’d both go for that midcentury modern life, though Mabel is in cooler colors and more like polished/elegant, while Siobhan is more about golds and warm colors, and more glam. I think I’m going to get into Vintage Glamour Stuff and Get Famous stuff for Siobhan a lot once she and Ricardo have more money.



02-23-20_6-45-02 PM

Naomi supervising Brielle and Mekhi as they examine the newly set up backyard.



02-23-20_6-52-18 PM

Mekhi also had a study session with Becca, who Mabel befriended at some point in this save. Not entirely sure they’re working on the same subject material, though.



02-23-20_6-54-43 PM

Charming, Mekhi.



02-23-20_7-08-05 PM

Given that Mabel is an author, I like to think that she’d really want to instill a love of reading in her kids.



02-23-20_7-14-02 PM

And since her books are bringing in lots of simoleons, I was able to keep making over the house! The sitting room was next.



02-23-20_7-17-24 PM

Mabel helpfully tested the fireplace to make sure nothing was too close to it.



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And I jazzed up the dining room while I was at it.



02-23-20_7-18-13 PM

An actual pleasant interaction between Mabel and Mekhi. OOOOOOOO:



02-23-20_7-22-50 PM

There are so many stepparents in this save, and I’m really glad that they all get along with their stepkids.



02-23-20_8-16-38 PM

I’m also always relieved when this disastrous crew of evil/hot headed/mean Children are nice to Toddlers.



They’re actually sometimes nice to each other, too.



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I did say sometimes.



02-23-20_8-44-12 PM

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Siobhan and Charles circled around to flirting with each other. ;;;;;;



02-23-20_8-55-53 PM

Meanwhile, Mabel and her boys had a heartwarming little dance party…


02-23-20_9-05-03 PM

Before an actual party kicked off! Jordan’s birthday party, to be exact!



02-23-20_9-01-19 PM

… Ginny, this is a terrible way to start a visit to someone’s house, just so you know.



02-23-20_9-02-43 PM

Honestly, I just find something about neighborhood jogging pictures really cute.



02-23-20_9-07-50 PM

…. though cute is not the word I’d use to describe this photo. I’m not sure who dared Cameron to streak, but CAMERON PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON THIS IS A TODDLER’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.



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After recovering from that, it was time for Jordan to age up! He randomized the Loner trait, and I gave him the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. And he kept orange as his favorite color. I’ve gotta say, I think he’s the most adorable boy amongst the Children so far. (Sorry Roger!)



02-23-20_9-22-55 PM

I also took a crack at his side of the room he shares with Malcolm. Since he’s a Rambunctious Scamp, I figured I’d continue the nature theme for him. Not sure about the soccer poster, since he’s a Loner and soccer is supposed to be a team sport, but then again it’s more an individual activity in the Sims so maybe it works.



02-23-20_9-27-24 PM

And of course the decorating didn’t stop there! I added a fancy clock to the sitting room, which I think finishes that up.



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And I decorated the hallway for good measure. The entryway table might need a rethink, might go with a lighter swatch on it or something, but it works for now.



02-23-20_10-04-23 PM

Thank you, Jaxson. ❤



02-23-20_9-11-17 PM

I mean, hey, better pranking than yelling, right?



02-23-20_9-11-44 PM

It’s such a relief when the Children are getting along.



02-23-20_10-00-52 PM

Yes, Charles remains Mekhi’s favorite parent.



02-23-20_10-01-38 PM

Spoiler alert: while it looks like Charles covered his tracks, he definitely flirted with Siobhan during the course of this group conversation, and Mabel definitely got mad about it.



02-23-20_10-02-20 PM

Meanwhile, the dance party continued!



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Mekhi bonding with his Toddler siblings. ❤



02-23-20_10-07-13 PM

Just a random picture of Mabel being cute.



02-23-20_10-10-41 PM

Jordan started autonomously interacting with Ginny Redmond, which made me smile since he’s a Loner and she strikes me as being really bubbly and outgoing. (Her only official trait so far is Cat Lover, though.)



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A few more party shots.




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Mabel autonomously mocked Charles, which made me laugh because I could just imagine her really hitting below the belt on the insult front, so to speak.



02-23-20_10-22-59 PM

They gave each other a nice hug afterwards, but still. I’m telling y’all, Mabel is the LAAAAAAAAST sim in this entire save that I’d mess with.



02-23-20_10-25-07 PM

Mabel rolled the want to vent in a journal, so I bought her one and let her get to it.



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This save has taught me to appreciate actual nice family conversations. ❤



02-23-20_10-34-55 PM

Jordan strikes me as the kind of introvert who’s really quiet in a group but really outgoing and fun when interacting with people he’s super comfortable with. He’s always been such a sweetheart, and that shows no signs of changing now that he’s a Child. (knocks on wood)



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Saturday’s makeover project was Charles and Mabel’s bedroom! I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It feels very Mabel to me, with the headboard and dresser front adding a little funkiness that I think Charles would really go for.



I ran out of steam by the end of the play session, so the house isn’t totally done yet. I’d like to do more with the backyard (I’m debating putting in a pool), I have no idea what to do with the open hallway upstairs, and I really need to jazz up the kitchen. All ideas for all three spaces are welcome!



02-23-20_10-46-15 PM

Brothers selfie!



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I don’t know why Mekhi is still yelling at people, but I don’t appreciate him having a go at my precious bb Jordan. ]:<<<<<<



02-23-20_10-54-25 PM

Did Charles learn his lesson the first time?



02-23-20_10-55-02 PM

Only time will tell.



02-23-20_10-56-58 PM

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I was DYING at this, Mekhi went at Siobhan like NOBODY MESSES WITH MY MOM BUT ME, and Mabel looked so proud of him!




02-23-20_10-58-56 PM

Nothing keeps Siobhan down for long, though.



Meanwhile, Jordan remained too good for this world, too pure, a bb cinnamon roll.



02-23-20_11-00-26 PM

And he and Ginny kept interacting. Imagine if they become besties, or even end up together. Way too early to make any such call, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how this gen pairs off when the time comes.



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Yay for sibling bonds. ❤



02-23-20_11-07-03 PM

And Mabel ends this update by being the latest mom to discover that being in a bathroom doesn’t mean your kids can’t get to you.




Charles: Comedy (10)
Mabel: Charisma (8), Writing (10)

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