Rotation 9: Summary Post

Here’s the summary post for Rotation 9! The save is definitely getting bigger, and developing in some really exciting ways. I’m going to implement some changes in the way I’m playing this, which I might or might not make a whole separate blog post about. I’m also going to spruce up the blog some, and will begin unrolling the family guides: I’m planning to post each household’s guide along with their Rotation 10 update.

Also, is there anything else you’d like me to add to these summary posts, or is there anything else I can add to the blog that would help you keep track of everything that’s happening better or otherwise improve your reading experience?



Population: 31 x 2 = 62
Sims Multiplier:
1 (base) + 1 = 2
Households: 6
Available lot types: Library, Lounge, Museum, Pool
Available resident slots: 7
Community fund: $432



New Business: The Genesis Diner (owned by Jude Morgan)
New Household: The Fyres household 
New Residents (Birth):
Ollie Royal and Phoebe Morgan
Brock Redmond



Creativity: Bestselling Author (by Mabel Seagraves)



Culinary slot
Politics slot



Arts Center: Painting 10 & Handiness 10 achieved, Mixology 10 in progress
Fitness Center: Fitness 10 in progress
Restaurant #2: 
Cooking 10 achieved, Baking 10 and Gourmet Cooking 10 in progress
Veterinary Clinic: Veterinary 10 in progress

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