Changes in the BACC Save

I’m going to be making a few changes to the way I play, and to the way I update the blog, so I thought I’d make an entry to talk about it in more detail.

1) Event wheels: I am going to start using one of ophelia-nygmos’s Wheels of Chance to randomize events for my save. At the beginning of every household’s week I’ll be spinning the Random Occurrences wheel, and then during the week I’ll make sure to accomplish whatever it is the wheel says for them. DeeDee’s Sims uses a random events generator for her Griffinmere BACC, and I’ve always enjoyed seeing what it brings to her game as a result, so I’ve been wanting to try my hand at something similar for a while now.


2) Household names: So far on the blog I’ve been labeling the households by the resident adults’ first names, but from this point onward I think I’m going to use last names instead. In heterosexual couples’ households I’ll be going by the female sim’s last name, since I do default to giving my female sims custody of all their kids. As I start adding same-gender couples, or poly families, or couples featuring one or more nonbinary or otherwise gender non-conforming sims, or households that are full of friends who are all adults rather than families with kids, I’ll revisit the issue accordingly.

Right now the one exception to this house renaming situation is the original household–since the original house is still going to be the place where unmarried residents live, temporarily or permanently, I’m going to continue to call it the original household.

From this point, here’s what the current households will be called:

Jude & Naomi -> Royal
Brock & Natalie -> Morgan
Maci & Lancelot -> Redmond
Mabel & Charles -> Seagraves
Siobhan & Ricardo -> Fyres


3) I’m strongly considering using a reshade in game, since the lighting on pictures is often really dark (darker than it looks in game, to be honest) and I’m not going to lie, I’m too lazy to learn how to batch edit photos. ;;;;;; So I’m on the hunt for a reshader that won’t be too hard on the game to run and that will give it a look that I like.



Do you have any thoughts on the changes I’m making, or questions, or suggestions?  Is there anything else you’d want me to consider adding to the game–or the blog–that could make the challenge more interesting for you to read about? Please let me know!

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