Extended Family Guide: The Royals

Here is my second guide to the second generations’ family relationships with each other. This post is about the kids in the Royal household: Avery, Brielle, Marcella, and Ollie.

Avery, Marcella and Ollie Royal




Avery, Ollie and Marcella are the children of Jude Morgan and Naomi Royal.



brielle child

They have one half-sibling, Brielle, who is Naomi’s daughter with Brock Redmond.




Jude has one sister, Natalie, in the save, so her seven children are their cousins. Top-bottom, left-right: Caleb, Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, and Phoebe. (Not shown: Stella, who is still a baby.)


Brielle Royal

brielle child



Brielle is the daughter of Naomi Royal and Brock Redmond, who randomly hooked up once.



Between Naomi and Brock, Brielle has nine half-siblings: Avery, Marcella, and Ollie via Naomi, and Roger, Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, and Phoebe via Brock. (Note: Brock’s wife, Natalie, has two other children: Caleb and Stella. They are not related to Brielle.)



Brock has one sister, Maci, whose children are Brielle’s cousins. (Left-right: Elliott, Ginny, Isaac, and Nina.)

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