Rotation 10: The Morgans (Part 1)

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! The Morgan family update is another two-parter, so I’m going to try to get the second one out tomorrow.

03-07-20_6-09-19 PM

The household at the beginning of the update, left to right: Harrison, Fiona, Hank, Natalie, Caleb, Finn, and Phoebe.

Information resources for you: Extended Family Guide | Morgan Family Profiles


03-07-20_5-13-19 PM

It’s strange to think that this used to be the house with five Toddlers and soon it’ll be the house with six Children! I do still love that Natalie basically has a herd of kids. I’ve always been able to really see that for her, so it’s nice that I was able to give her that life in this save.



03-07-20_5-14-03 PM

Motherhood means never having time to yourself: cooking dinner edition.



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I’m not sure what’s happening, but there have been a bunch of fires in the save lately. This is one thing about Clare Siobhan’s gameplay that I didn’t want my game to take inspiration from!



03-07-20_6-11-22 PM

Once the fire was out I just had Natalie make everyone sandwiches instead. ;;;;;



03-07-20_6-12-33 PM

Phoebe makes the confident Independent Toddler stance look even cuter than usual.



03-07-20_6-13-21 PM

Natalie has been wanting to paint quite a bit lately. Inspired by Brock, clearly. T_T



03-07-20_6-16-40 PM

I’m still trying to get a grasp on how I see Finn. Since he’s a Goofball, something about giving his room a bright, robot theme seemed about right. I admit, Natalie and Brock’s kids as individuals don’t quite jump out at me the way some of the others do, especially the boys, so I’m trying to really pay attention to them so that I can get more attached.



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One trait that definitely stands out about him is that he’s really cute about entertaining Phoebe autonomously. ❤



03-07-20_6-18-30 PM

Caleb and Finn both have the Social Butterfly aspiration, and subsequently both need a best friend. They both have super high relationships with Fiona, but I figured that Finn should be the one to be her best friend, since they’re twins and all.



03-07-20_6-31-19 PM

Brock turned up again and painted us a couple more pictures. He’s really taken with producing figure drawings.




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Brock got in some nice bonding time with Fiona during this visit from the grave, too. Natalie and I both approve.



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Like her twin, Fiona is also really cute with her younger siblings.




03-07-20_6-41-24 PM

I found Phoebe looking at the family snapshot wall, which was really sweet. Or possibly she was judging me for not getting in more pictures for said wall, which is…. less sweet.



03-07-20_6-52-37 PM

Speaking of Toddlers, it was indeed time for the required weekly Toddler gathering. I wanted to make sure to get one in before Hank and Harrison aged up.



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All sorts of cuteness ensued, of course!



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And some less cute things, of course. ;;;;;;



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And the adults got to do some bonding, too.



03-07-20_7-02-04 PM

Natalie even got in some bonding time with her plants.



03-07-20_6-54-00 PM

I admit, one thing I love about all these household visits is that the visiting adults always help each other with housework. I rarely photograph it, but they all wash each other’s dishes, throw out each other’s trash, clean each other’s sinks, etc.



03-07-20_7-15-28 PM

Nobody was more helpful in terms of housework than Caleb, though. I was way too entertained–he was actually in a Mean Streak for most of the week, but didn’t do much of anything mean! Instead he just did a whooooole lot of autonomous cleaning.



03-07-20_7-06-56 PM

Meanwhile, Isaac helpfully informed me that I’d have to make the rounds and make sure no one else was impacted by my recent cc cull.



I must have been feeling ambitious that day, because after the Toddler gathering ended I decided to have the older kids invite over the neighborhood Children, too.




Results, as always, were mixed.



03-07-20_7-26-20 PM

Avery was the one who decided to stay long after the other kids had left, and she was in fine form even by her own standards. If this were a narrative story, it would absolutely be because she’d be feeling threatened by having a new sister so close in age to her. (I was telling Marina that I could see her being like “Brielle better not like Marcella more than me!!” etc.)



03-07-20_7-28-36 PM

I love Avery with my whole heart, but even I was mentally yelling at her to just go home by the time she did–as pictured here, it was 4:30 AM sims time and she was making fun of Fiona’s outfit, then said goodbye and left once she was done.



03-07-20_7-42-07 PM

I know I still need to fix up this house some, but I do think it’s really cute, especially all decorated for Spookyfest like this.



I know that people will roll up the want to try on clothes if there’s a closet in their house, and Fiona certainly isn’t the first one in my save to do it, but given that it was so soon after Avery mocked her pajamas it really struck me. If this were a narrative project I could really see it kicking off a storyline for her where she feels like her look isn’t right and she tries hard to look/seem more grown up.




03-07-20_8-01-08 PM

Fiona and Ginny were chit-chatting away, which made me so happy. I love the idea of these cousins becoming bffs who bond over how great cats are. (They’re both Cat Lovers. Sims after my own heart!)



03-07-20_8-56-08 PM

The twins got in a little bonding time with cousin Elliott before it was time for them to become the latest Children in the save!



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To my total lack of surprise, given what the in-game generator has been doing to me more often than not in this save, Hank got the Hot-Headed trait.



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But Harrison got the Genius trait!



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I went ahead and decorated their parts of the room. (They and Finn share the biggest bedroom, so each of them have their own corner.) I went with robots and artwork for Harrison (he has the Artistic Prodigy aspiration), and sports and dinosaurs for Hank. The bedding will change as they get older, but I try to start the kids off with more childish bedding when they first grow up.



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And here are some cute family pictures to end this part of the update!


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