Rotation 10: The Morgans (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! I actually completely forgot that I hadn’t posted this part yet. ;;;;; Like I mentioned, this is the last update that will feature the game’s lighting. From here on out I’ve been using a reshade, and it’s made a massive difference.


03-07-20_9-38-30 PM

Morgans related resources: The Household Guide and The Extended Family Ties Guide


At this point in the rotation I remembered that I hadn’t spun the Random Occurrences wheel, so I went ahead and did so, and this is what I got.



03-07-20_9-30-19 PM

Since Natalie had already befriended Cameron Fletcher between rotations, it was easy for her to convince him to woohoo.


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A more wholesome start to the update: kids bonding!



03-07-20_9-32-28 PM

I’m not entirely sure why my sims have all begun trying to see how many people they can fit in a bathroom, but I guess we all need hobbies.



03-07-20_9-39-19 PM

Finn and Phoebe helpfully displaying that there are 2 ways to play dolls.



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The next day was Spookyfest! I’m way too easily entertained by sims running around in costumes.



03-07-20_10-05-10 PM

Natalie quite literally ran around in her costume, remained exquisite while doing so.


03-07-20_10-09-25 PM

Spookyfest dance party time!



03-07-20_10-11-26 PM

Of course I had to get a selfie of Harrison and Hank in their coordinating outfits.



03-07-20_10-15-31 PM

I ended up throwing not one but two Spookyfest parties! The first one was for assorted neighborhood kids.



03-07-20_10-16-10 PM

Finn and Fiona actually changed into coordinating costumes for this one, and I was so charmed that of course I had to have them take a selfie, too.



03-07-20_10-18-36 PM

And I love that Natalie changed into a different version of the same costume I had put her in earlier.



I think it’s safe to say that the pumpkin heads were the trendy costume of the year.



03-07-20_10-26-05 PM

Streaking, fortunately, was not the trendy activity of the year!



03-07-20_10-31-08 PM

And Naomi is cute every day of the year, bless her. ❤



03-07-20_10-36-21 PM

To my COMPLETE lack of surprise, even though I’d told Natalie and Cameron to just woohoo, she still ended up getting pregnant from it.



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But unexpected pregnancies don’t stop Spookyfest! Once the kids’ party wrapped up, it was time for the adults’ party.



03-07-20_10-41-01 PM

The moment Cameron discovered that his costume choice was, in fact, entirely too on the nose.



03-07-20_10-43-34 PM

Neither of them have shown any signs of wanting to commit to each other, and Natalie hasn’t even rolled any romantic wants about him, which is kind of a relief. We won’t be able to fit any more people in this household anyway.



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A couple more party shots for you~



03-07-20_10-47-38 PM

Mabel looks kinda pressed that these guys didn’t include her in their group costume plans.



03-07-20_10-48-59 PM

Jackson, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to know what to think about the hot dog squad.



03-07-20_10-51-21 PM

Yes, this is Charles hitting on Leia right in front of his wife. ;;;;;;



03-07-20_10-57-52 PM

I have the mod that allows kids to garden because I thought it would be cute for Natalie’s kids to help her out with it. I’ve been thinking that with this household I’d like to have them run a flower shop in the long term, and have it be a bit of a family enterprise. Originally it was going to be Brock and Natalie running it together, of course, but now I guess she’ll need to get the kids’ help sooner than anticipated. ):

Caleb actually has the Loves the Outdoors trait, so I thought he’d take right to it. Sure enough, he seemed to really enjoy it.



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One of the kids brought cousin Marcella home from school, and she continued to make herself right at home in the save, which makes me so happy every time.



03-07-20_11-12-35 PM

Hank might not be a Toddler anymore, but he’s still great at confident poses.



03-07-20_11-13-48 PM

To my total lack of surprise, Naomi came over and joined in the eternal dance party.



03-07-20_11-53-53 PM

Brock, meanwhile, popped up from the grave and apparently had some deep thoughts about the nature of life and death.



03-07-20_11-54-11 PM

It’s sad that this is going to be Natalie’s last pregnancy, since she’s so cute and happy when she’s pregnant.



03-07-20_11-55-12 PM

I had her tell Brock the big news, and he approved. Given that he got two other women pregnant in the early days of their relationship, he can hardly disapprove, I suppose.



Ghostly shenanigans!



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Not even death can stop these two from being the cutest.



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More bonding moments that would have been great were this a narrative story.



03-08-20_12-03-00 AM

Then Brock painted this and I thought about how he’ll never be able to complete the Angling Ace aspiration now and got all emo. T_T I’m sorry, Brock!!



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This must have been when I decided to make some Tiny Living related changes to the house! It really has been super useful in this save, since some of the houses are still relatively small, so all space-saving measures are welcome.



03-08-20_12-22-05 AM

I went ahead and gave Caleb a new bed, too. In the real world Hank & Harrison would probably be 5 or 6 and Finn and Fiona would probably be 6 or 7 (I figure they would have about a year’s age gap) so Caleb would be 9 or 10 since I picture him being about 3 years older than Finn and Fiona. By that logic, I wanted his room to be styled a little differently from the others to show that he’s a little older now.


03-08-20_12-24-59 AM

In which Hank is hitting himself in the head with a toy, Finn is breaking everyone’s eardrums on the violin, and in short no one wins.



03-08-20_12-27-52 AM

I’m going to have to get better about having sims all eat meals at the same time, because these guys would have the cutest group meals. ❤



03-08-20_12-33-35 AM

Not even sticking his wrist through the door will stop Caleb from basking in the first snow of the year!



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Cute autonomous brotherly bonding with Phoebe. ❤



03-08-20_12-46-59 AM

She’s just so cute. ❤



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On Saturdays we wear pink have club meetings!



03-08-20_1-17-02 AM

Meanwhile Maci is apparently going through some sort of mid-YA life crisis.



03-08-20_1-27-07 AM









Neighborly duties apparently include spraying each other’s kids’ beds for monsters.



03-08-20_1-26-03 AM

I invited Cameron over to hang out, too, but he still wasn’t having any romance with Natalie. Though that could partly be because she was too busy being in labor.



03-08-20_1-32-23 AM

It’s a girl! Welcome to the BACC, Stella Morgan. ❤

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