Extended Family Guide: The Seagraves

Here is the extended family guide for the kids in the Seagraves household. They don’t have any cousins, so it’s purely a matter of keeping track of their siblings.


Mekhi and Jordan

The oldest two boys in the household, Mekhi and Jordan, are full siblings.



Their parents are Charles and Mabel Seagraves.





Charles and Mabel each have one kid with someone else–Charles has a daughter, Diane, with Sofia Bjergson, while Mabel has a son, Malcolm, with Jaxson Hill.



03-15-20_11-21-08 PM

Malcolm also lives in the Seagraves household.




His parents are Mabel Seagraves and Jaxson Hill, who randomly hooked up during a neighborhood gathering.



Between Mabel and Jaxson Malcolm has five half-brothers: Mekhi and Jordan are Mabel and Charles’s sons, while Jaxson has Moses from his first marriage, Elliott with Maci Redmond and Darien with Leia Royal.


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