Rotation 10: The Fyres (Part 2)

Time for the second half of the Fyres update! Again, for your reference, we have the Household Guide and the Extended Family Guide.


TS4_x64 2020-03-19 23-50-43

To my complete lack of surprise, we’re starting off this half with yet another Bear Phase. This time it’s Roger.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-11-21

We needed a computer for Siobhan’s job, so I put together a little office corner for her for good measure. One day she’ll get a real office, but this will have to do for now.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-19-42

The autonomous family moments continue.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-21-42

I tried to get Ricardo to turn into a grilled cheese sim, but was unsuccessful. Loretta seems to approve either way.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-22-57

They’re such a cute father-daughter duo. ❤



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-42-37

But then, everything about Ricardo is cute! ❤ ❤ ❤



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Mabel apparently took an interest in Loretta. But then, given how cute Loretta is who can blame her?



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-45-45

Meanwhile, Naomi seems to be shocked by Ricardo’s pregnancy.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-46-17

I appreciate the pristine reputation creating all these sparkles and making sims applaud for them and so on because it’s how I feel every time I see Leia, too.



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This was an absurdly busy week, both for the household and the save as a whole. The next event: Night on the Town, which was perfect for this impoverished household.



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Maci, meanwhile, was feeling ALL THE FEELINGS thanks to her menstrual cycle. T_T



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 00-55-42

And Jordan was just chilling with his free, delicious tart.



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Avery might be the kid expecting to take over the restaurant, but it looks like Brielle is the one the staff wants to take over the restaurant.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-06-33

Siobhan came home drunk, bless her lightweight heart.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-03-42

Roger, meanwhile, discovered that Mabel had left her laptop and further proved my bear phase = computer addiction theory.



And in the greatest birth moment of all time, Ricardo went into labor on his way to play with Loretta and gave birth to baby Trinity right in front of the family portrait.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-26-18

That taken care of, it’s back to our regular this-family-centers-around-Loretta content.



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I love love. ❤



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-35-44

Siobhan jumped right into taking care of Trinity. Maybe she knew that I’d planned for this household to have 3 kids and was relieved that she wouldn’t have to go through a third pregnancy.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-43-41

On to the next, but not the last, big family development for the rotation–Ricardo and Siobhan got married on New Year’s Eve!



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… Maci, no, I know you’re engaged but it’s not your turn to be at the alter.



It was not my greatest wedding of all time, but they had a few great moments in the ceremony.




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… yeah, I really need to prioritize adding an indoor wedding location to the BACC.



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Since we were going to be at the park for a while anyway, it turned into a major opportunity for some neighborhood bonding.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-51-36

Including for the neighborhood kids–I hadn’t had the week’s kids’ club gathering yet, so I figured this was a good opportunity for it.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 01-53-47

Mabel looks so proud of Charles being able to interact with Natalie without any flirting resulting.

(Put a pin in this–I didn’t know it at the time, but this scenario will be revisited in the next rotation.)



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 02-01-00

Me every time Mabel and Lancelot interact: imagine if they hooked up, what a disaster couple they’d be.

(Put a pin in this, too.)



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 02-01-20

Every time I think Avery and Naomi have gotten somewhere in their relationship, Avery just has to haul off on her again. >.<



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 02-03-27

Meanwhile, Siobhan approves of Roger befriending his cousin Isaac…



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Loretta went around being so adorable



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 02-08-29

Darien decided that homework is best done alone…



And the love bush saw some action, much to my lack of surprise.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 02-09-43

Back at the house, Siobhan got real glitchy when the lot loaded. o_O



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And there were, of course, more cute autonomous family moments.



And time for one more family event! Siobhan also became an Adult.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 13-34-33

Looks like the guests approve!



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 13-36-18

Honestly, I’d love for someone to do my dishes as a birthday gift. Good job, Avery!



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 13-49-51

I have no idea why I went with this as Siobhan’s initial Adult hair look, but don’t worry, I fixed it the next time I loaded the game.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 13-51-31

Loretta approves either way. Bless unconditional love.



TS4_x64 2020-03-20 13-50-57

I found Ginny and Candy chatting, which made me smile. I love the idea of them bonding, since I think Ginny is shaping up to have a similar personality/energy to Candy.



There’s no TV in this house, so there wasn’t the opportunity to watch the countdown on TV, but they all had a good New Year’s anyway.

And that brings an end to both rotation 10 and year 5 of the BACC! Time flies.



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