Rotation 11: The Original Household (Part 1)

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! Time to start both a new rotation and a new year for the BACC. Hard to believe we’re six sim years into this project. O:

I’ve actually played through almost this entire rotation, so I’m really behind. ;; I’m thinking about switching back to my 100 Baby Challenge and trying to finish it so that it will just be done, but I love the BACC so I haven’t decided for sure yet. Either way, I’m going to try really hard to catch up on the posts.

TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-00-53

The household has undergone some pretty major changes, so the portrait looks real different this time around. Here’s everyone, in order: Scarlett (Jaxson’s granddaughter), Moses (Jaxson’s son), Leia, Rocky (Leia and Jaxson’s son, born between rotations), Jaxson, Lancelot (Leia’s brother), and Darien (Leia and Jaxson’s older son).

The original household’s guides: The Household Guide and The Extended Family Guide.



The house underwent some major changes, too. Since Moses is an artist, I converted the upstairs sitting area into an open art space for him, and he got Sofia’s former bedroom. I decorated it with lots of art, because my concept for the room was that he’s bought a lot of art from local artists.



Lancelot, meanwhile, got Darien’s former bedroom. Something about giving him a bunch of modern art just seemed right for him. And of course he’s got a bunch of family photos on the wall. (He actually has the portrait of himself and Maci in his inventory, but I didn’t put that on the wall!)



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I converted the big upstairs bathroom into a small bedroom for Scarlett. Since she has the Creative trait, I thought she would have a lot of local art in her room, too.



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Meanwhile, I moved Darien into the downstairs nursery and converted it into a bedroom for him and Rocky. (Yes, I did change the Toddler bed frame color later.) The bunk beds are such a lifesaver in this save, seriously.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 14-32-23

I had to move the Voidcritter station into the activity room downstairs, so I took the opportunity to do some redecorating in there, too.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 14-44-10

When all those house changes were done and it was finally time to play, I discovered that Scarlett decided to start her time as an active sim by grilling some food for everyone.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 14-44-38

… I would say it ended just as I expected, but I wasn’t expecting Scarlett to immediately whip out a fire extinguisher all on her own–



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 14-44-52

Or Moses to autonomously run out and help her extinguish the fire!



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 14-45-16

Lancelot, meanwhile, is just pleased to be standing by the grill without getting struck by lightning this time.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 15-05-42

Seven sims in the house, and only two of them are women. (Jaxson actually has two daughters, too, but I don’t want to make a zillion more sims active residents at once.)



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 15-52-10

I am glad that I moved Moses and Scarlett in, though. I think it’s been nice for everyone to have them as active residents.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 15-55-55

For all his faults, at least Lancelot is good with kids. (Well, mostly–more on that later.)



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-02-58

I’m not sure what all the sparkles and magical lighting are about, but I do enjoy how it’s always around sims that fit it–Jaxson, for instance, is obviously v magical.



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Like grandfather, like granddaughter.




TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-12-57

That moment when all of Jaxson’s sons (other than baby Rocky) are together.





Since it was a Sunday, I decided to have them invite a bunch of family and friends over for a nice hangout session. It seemed like everyone had a good time.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-19-39

Other than Avery, apparently.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-20-49

Speaking of family shots, here’s a nice one of Mabel with two of her boys–looking fondly at Mekhi, no less!



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-23-52

If I ever need to find Jude and Natalie, I always know that the first place to look is the nearest family portrait.



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Darien can be a tricky sim to get along with, but Scarlett manages it for the most part.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-23-28

… it just wouldn’t be a neighborhood gathering without a random hookup.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-28-11

That’s better, Naomi!



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-36-00

… two random hookups. (Yes, Mabel got pregnant. Yes, I terminated the pregnancy.)



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Cute family Sunday moments. ❤



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-52-23

(Yes, Mabel got pregnant again. Yes, I deleted the pregnancy again. Yes, my game still, as always, needs to calm down.)



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 16-55-07

Please enjoy this deeply relatable Scarlett moment.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 17-19-40

When I moved Moses and Scarlett in, Moses was actually older than Jaxson! It was too weird, so I decided to age Moses down to an Adult.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 17-23-39

These two have such a cute father & daughter relationship.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 18-49-44

Darien started his Monday with a breakfast chat with his parents.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 19-05-08

Moses and Scarlett aren’t the only new residents–I moved in two of Marina’s sims, Daisy and Emilia Fitzhugh! So I sent a bunch of the BACC residents over to meet them. Poor Daisy got an immediate glimpse of what a wreck this save is.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 19-06-35

But they established a nice little group convo soon enough.



It was fun watching who all everyone interacted with, and has kept being fun as the rotation has gone by.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 19-29-51

These two are still one of my favorite parent & child duos in the whole save.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 19-37-47

That’s parenting for you–you turn your back for two seconds and your kid catapults themselves into their next age stage.



03-21-20_7-57-23 PM

Rocky reminds me a lot of Darien at that age, just with notably less hair. He randomized the Wild trait.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 19-58-48

Darien is another sim who constantly looks at family portraits. He’s the only one of the kids (so far) I see doing it, for that matter.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 20-01-57

So remember how I was saying that Lancelot’s good with most kids?



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Yeahhhhh there’s an exception.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 20-06-20

This glitch is the single greatest gift The Sims 4 has ever given me.




TS4_x64 2020-03-21 20-34-20

I added Emilia and Daisy to the Town Council club, so they were on hand for that week’s obligatory meeting.



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This meeting also included the most random choice I have ever made in this save: letting this Charles and Leia hook up happen.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 20-37-20

Natalie PLEASE, nobody should be co-signing this!!



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 22-12-08

Leia just went off the rails in general that day. Spring fever is extra dangerous in this save.



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Daisy and Moses, on the other hand, is definitely an autonomous hookup that I cosign! I’m hoping they’ll roll wants for a committed relationship, both because I think they suit each other and because it would be a very tidy way to shuffle households around.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 22-10-22

I was cracking up at how everyone kneeling to join the group chat made it look like they were settling in to worship Charles.



TS4_x64 2020-03-21 22-12-23

Oh, Jaxson, you have no idea.




TS4_x64 2020-03-21 22-29-16

LMAO poor traumatized Rocky is watching Leia glitch out like “am I gonna get yeeted again???”



… yeah, I have no idea why I let this pregnancy progress, but for whatever reason past me decided to go ahead with it???



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