Rotation 11: The Seagraves

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! I have to say, I’m liking these one-post updates. Maybe I’ll try to restrain myself in taking screenshots from now on.

TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-06-58

The household at the beginning of the update, left to right: Jordan, Charles, Mekhi, and Malcolm. (Malcolm will live in the Original Household starting next rotation since Jaxson is his only living parent, but there wasn’t room in that house at this point so he still lived in the Seagraves house.)

The family reference pages: The Household Guide and The Extended Family Guide.



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-33-16

I had Natalie bring Mabel’s grave to the Seagraves house during the Morgans’ rotation, so I built a nice little area for it in a corner of the backyard. )))))): RIP Mabel.



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Jordan’s general existence makes me feel better, too, Mabel!



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 22-06-41

Malcolm is 100% still her favorite child, though.



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I decided to have Charles open a restaurant, too. It’s a Teen+ karaoke restaurant! (I used the LittleMsSam Gender & More Custom Lot Trait to disallow Children from arriving on the lot.) I didn’t build it–I found it on the Gallery, and it will be included in the Gallery venues post I’m planning to write up. I did modify it some on the inside in terms of decor, etc, though.

This was, perhaps, not my best decision–Charles had to take out a few loans to do it, and since Mabel is deceased she’s no longer bringing in all the royalties money that enabled them to become such a profitable household. (Charles joined the Entertainment track this rotation, too, so they’re still getting some money but not enough.) The household bank balance dwindled significantly during the rotation, as I’ll discuss later.



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 22-27-51

He was able to hire one of Jaxson’s daughters as the Hostess!



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 22-35-09

So since Charles runs this restaurant, he and his family can’t show up to eat here every day the way they do at the Genesis Diner. So who’s showing up every day instead, including on the very first day? The Critic. Poor Charles. (She gives us pretty good ratings, though. Four stars, if I remember right!)



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 22-36-55

When game glitches lead to innovative exercises.



I really need to modify the Kids’ Club to add some more activities, since it’s mildly depressing that they spend so much meeting time doing homework.



They get in some other interactions, though.



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I didn’t get a shot of it happening but rest assured Jordan also had ice cream for breakfast.



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-06-36

It was raining and miserable in Willow Creek, so it seemed like a good time to send them to the Pirate Wedding Park in Newcrest and hope that the weather was better there!



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-09-27

I was in luck! Jordan was able to finish the first stage of the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and all three boys were able to get in some time at the park.



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I always have an absurd amount of fun watching how the kids interact at the playground. It’s fun seeing who befriends each other, etc.



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-15-58

I thought Mekhi would be able to make friends with these two townie boys, but they both bullied him instead!



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-16-41

This one in particular was just way too pleased with himself about it.



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-18-22

Mekhi had better luck interacting with Scarlett and these two Townie girls. (No, the dark-haired one in overalls isn’t Maci’s clone or secret child, even though the resemblance is bonkers.)



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-20-25

He also autonomously played with his sister Diane, which was really cute.



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-26-23

The hangout times didn’t stop after they all went home!



TS4_x64 2020-04-05 23-21-44

Well, they did for Jordan–he’s a Loner, so I’m sure he desperately needed some time to himself after all that socializing.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-07-45

Mekhi has the Angling Ace aspiration, and he’s off to a good start!



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-12-20

I love when I actually get family dining shots. ❤



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-25-41

Another day, another opportunity to open the karaoke restaurant.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-31-15

Leia and Jaxson showed up to eat there, remained real cute while doing so.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-43-40

The bank balance was still dwindling away. I definitely thought about selling some of the more Mabel-y items to start adding some money back. The vanity table would seem like an obvious contender, but Malcolm kept rolling wants to play with makeup so I didn’t want to sell it.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-44-15

… kiddo, this is less of a Spookyfest trick and more straight up vandalism.



As always, Spookyfest means two Spookyfest parties! The first one was for the kids (including Avery).



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-49-44

Did Natalie get a deal on bulk skeleton costumes for her kids?



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 00-48-23

Count the Yodas~



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-02-00

Once the kids’ party was over, it was time for the adults’! Why does Charles’s costume choice not surprise me?



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-12-47

I can’t say I was expecting clowns and maid outfits to be this year’s costumes of choice, though.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-13-53

I love that Siobhan and Ricardo opted for couples’ costumes.



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Me: “… well, there’s always gotta be a random hookup, and I do think these two would be a really compatible couple. This is fine.”



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-16-49




TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-17-18

Me: “Awwwww, Daisy and Moses’s relationship continues to develop! I love them.”



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-22-13




TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-30-49

…. so many things happen in this restaurant.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-34-45

I always have Charles hire a mixologist (I really, really wish that TS4 ran like TS2 and you could have ticketed activity lots, because this place would be ideal for that, but such is life) and this time Jaxson showed up!



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-43-44

Charles got invited to a charity event at the new train station lot, so I let him go, mostly so that I could see how it runs in game.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 01-50-25

Turns out it’s more a decorative lot than a functional lot, which is what I expected from a train station anyway. But hey, at least people got to interact some here!



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 02-06-34

Yes, Candy, Emilia and Daisy all got pregnant at the Spookyfest party. Yes, I nixed Emilia and Daisy’s pregnancies.



Like I said, I do really like these two together. If Mabel and Charles was an opposites attract/balance each other out relationship, Charles and Candy is a kindred spirits relationship. They’re both aspiring entertainers, and they’re both really fun. Charles actually did roll the want to get engaged to her, so after this rotation was over I moved Candy, Yuki and baby Carly (yep, Candy gave birth during this rotation, so I popped into their house long enough to find out the baby’s name) in with Charles, Mekhi and Jordan, and then I moved them all into a new house–but more about that in a later post.




TS4_x64 2020-04-06 02-13-37

I always forget that Malcolm and Darien are brothers! It’s going to be interesting to see how they handle living together.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 02-41-51

I let the kids invite over some friends on Saturday!



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 02-52-11

Mekhi is apparently as fond of the idea of Ginny and Jordan becoming friends as I am.



TS4_x64 2020-04-06 02-21-57

What’s it going to be like when Mabel’s ghost is out haunting after her favorite child has moved out and her husband has remarried?

… I, for one, am afraid to find out.


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