Generation 2 Ranking: Part 1

Now that the first crop of kids are becoming Teens, I thought it would be a good time for a ranking session! It occurred to me that it would be fun to track how my opinion of this generation changes over time, so I’m going to try to do this regularly. (Maybe every 5 rotations?) I’m going to include all the kids from Mekhi Seagraves to Harper Fitzhugh, since I’ve at least played them in one rotation.

So here are my thoughts on the generation 2 kids! Please feel free to share yours as well!


21-25: Mekhi Seagraves, Fiona and Harrison Morgan,
and Isaac and Nina Redmond


I don’t dislike any of them, don’t worry, I’m just not super attached to any of them and I don’t really have distinct characterization/etc ideas for them. I feel like Natalie’s kids are all more a horde than a bunch of distinct characters, and Harrison and Fiona definitely blend in the most for me. I think Isaac and Nina are also overshadowed by other people in their household, both in that I like their other two siblings (and now both their stepsisters, too) more and in that their parents have gotten a lot of my attention.



15-20: Elliott Redmond, Kirsten Bjergsen, Harper Fitzhugh,
Phoebe and Hank Morgan, and Trinity Tellez


I feel like Elliott Redmond’s characterization overall hasn’t really finalized in my head yet, but he’s very precious to me nonetheless. Kirsten Bjergsen is a more recent favorite–she’s just such a cutie! Harper is another one who got is dear to me just because she’s so cute, and since she’s Angelic she’s also easy to manage, which (given how many dramatic, sad Toddlers I’ve dealt with in this save) also gives her major points.
Meanwhile, Phoebe and Hank stand out to me more than Fiona and Harrison so far, but not by a whole lot, and Trinity is a cutie but overshadowed by how much I love her sister and stepbrother. (I feel like Trinity is the generation 2 member most likely to have a drastic change in favorite list position between now and the next time I do one of these.)


10-14: Rocky Royal, Caleb Morgan, Finn Morgan,
Ollie Royal, and Diane Bjergsen


Rocky is such a cute, chaotic little bundle of energy that he shot really far up my list of favorites. Caleb is definitely the most distinct of Natalie’s kids to me. Right now I’m thinking that he’ll be the one most likely to stay at the farm and run her future flower shop with her since he has the Loves Outdoors trait. Finn is the other especially distinct Morgan kid–he’s a Goofball, but I think he’s that kind of funny person who has a lot of emotional depth (for example, I’m already planning to give him tattoos in honor of his parents when he’s old enough, and he wears Brock’s old pajama shirt as his pajama shirt) and is partly bright and goofy to make other people laugh and distract them from what’s going on with him. Then Ollie Morgan is the surprise child I’m the most glad exists. He’s such a little sweetheart! And I have such a soft spot for Diane Bjergsen, my fellow Cat Lover.



6-9: Darien Royal, Ginny Redmond, and Roger and Loretta Fyres


A varied bunch of personalities, to be sure! I just have a lot of fun with Darien, even though he’s Evil. In my head he has a really distinct personality, and I think he’d be easy to write if this were a narrative project. On a totally different note, vibrant princess Ginny is one of my favorite rays of sunshine in the save. She has a very similar energy to Candy Behr, and Candy is one of my all-time favorite EA premades, so of course I also love Ginny. Roger is another sim who’s just plain fun to have around, and so far his sister Loretta is, too. They both make the Fyres household one of my favorites in the rotation.



5: Marcella Royal

marcella child

It blows my mind when I remember that she didn’t join the save until Rotation 10 since it seems like she’s been here all along. She’s such a fun kid! I love that she immediately made the Spotlight community her own, and I’m incredibly impressed that she won so much of my attention and heart so fast even though she shares a house with Avery and Brielle, of all sims.


4: Jordan Seagraves

jordan child

He is just the sweetest, sunniest little boy, and I adore him to pieces.



3: Malcolm Seagraves

malcolm child

I can’t say I have a lot in common with Mabel, but when it comes to showing favoritism towards Malcolm we are definitely one.


1: Avery and Brielle Royal


It couldn’t have been anyone else.


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