Rotation 11 Summary

Here is the summary post for Rotation 11! Out of curiosity, would you like me to start posting household recaps in these posts, too, the way DeeDee does with Griffinmere?


Population: 44 * 14 = 616
Sims Multiplier:
2 (established) + 5 (unlocked Willow Creek last rotation) + 7 (unlocked the Writer, Start-up Entrepreneur & Athletic careers and both Entertainment & Social Media careers) = 14
Households: 7
Available lot types: None
Available resident slots: 6
Available job openings: Chef (1), Mixologist (1), Secret Agent (1)
Unlocked careers: Athlete, Entertainment (both branches), Gardening, Social Media (both branches), and Writer
Community fund: $128,798



New Residents (Birth): Lucy Royal, Harper Fitzhugh, and Carly Behr
New Resident (CAS):
Daisy and Emilia Fitzhugh
Marriages: Leia Royal & Jaxson Hill and Sofia Bjergsen & Maci Redmond
New Community Lots: A library, a lounge, a museum lot (the church), a pool, and a train station
New Playable Business: Karaoke restaurant (Charles Seagraves’)



Careers: Athlete, Entertainment (both branches), Social Media (both branches), and Tech (Start-Up Entrepreneur)
Lots: None
Neighborhoods: Brichester and San Myshuno



Career: Chef
Lots: Arts center, karaoke bar, and nightclub
Neighborhood: Glimmerbrook

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