The Fyres Household

The Fyres household consists of Siobhan Fyres, her husband Ricardo Tellez, Siobhan’s son Roger (with Brock Redmond), Siobhan and Ricardo’s daughter Loretta, and Ricardo’s alien daughter, Trinity.


Household Timeline

Rotation 10 (Part 1/Part 2): The household was formed, Ricardo gave birth to an alien daughter, Trinity, and Ricardo and Siobhan got married.


Household Residents


Siobhan Fyres

Spouse: Ricardo Tellez | Children: Roger and Loretta
Career: Public Relations | Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
Traits: Ambitious, Self-Assured, Insider | ESFJ

Siobhan is a pre-made Maxis sim from the Get Together pack. She and Brock slept together during one of the rotations, resulting in the birth of their son Roger. Since I didn’t want Roger to age out of sync with his half-siblings, I waited until I had earned another resident opening, then used it to move Siobhan into the main house. She later began a relationship with Ricardo, resulting in the birth of their daughter, Loretta. She, Ricardo, Roger and Loretta moved into their own household when I transferred the save onto my new computer.



ricardo profile

Ricardo Tellez

Spouse: Siobhan Fyres | Children: Loretta and Trinity
Career: Social Media| Aspiration: City Native
Traits: Gloomy, Squeamish, Romantic | ISFJ

Ricardo was a townie from the original Spotlight save, where he met and fell for Siobhan Fyres. After the birth of their daughter, Loretta, they became an official couple, and in the new save they formed their own household. He gave birth to his half-alien daughter, Trinity, during their first rotation in the new house. Several days later, he and Siobhan were finally married.



roger child

Roger Fyres

Parents: Siobhan Fyres & Brock Redmond
Trait: Slob | ENFP

Roger is the son of Siobhan and Brock.



loretta child

Loretta Fyres

Parents: Siobhan Fyres and Ricardo Tellez
Trait: Glutton | ISTP

Loretta is the daughter of Siobhan and Ricardo.



trinity toddler

Trinity Telez

Parents: Ricardo Telez & an alien

Trinity is Ricardo’s half-alien daughter.