The Redmond Household

The Redmond household consists of original settler Maci Redmond and her wife, Sofia Bjergsen; Maci’s children Elliott, Ginny, Isaac, and Nina; and Sofia’s daughters Diane and Kirsten.

Other resources: Their extended family guide.


Household Timeline


Rotation 5: Lancelot and Maci moved into their own household and got engaged, and Maci gave birth to a son, Elliott, with Jaxson Hill.
Rotation 6: Lancelot and Maci got married; Maci gave birth to their daughter, Ginny.
Rotation 7: Maci gave birth to their son, Isaac, and Lancelot joined the Criminal career track.
Rotation 8: Maci gave birth to their second daughter, Nina.
Rotation 10 (Part 1/Part 2): Maci and Lancelot got divorced, and Maci got engaged to Sofia Bjergsen. Maci and Sofia moved in together later in the rotation, and Lancelot moved in with Leia.
Rotation 11: Maci and Sofia moved into a new home, and got married at the end of the rotation. Maci joined the Detective career track. Sofia won the lottery and donated $900,000 to the community fund.


Household Residents



Maci Redmond

Spouse: Sofia Bjergsen (former: Lancelot Royal) | Children: Elliott, Ginny, Isaac & Nina
Other Relatives: Brock (twin brother), Charles (cousin)
Career: Detective | Aspiration: The Curator
Traits: Good, Romantic, Geek | INTJ


Maci is Brock’s twin sister, and absolutely darling. There’s not really a lot to say about her other than that she’s just really great, and I really enjoy having her in my game. After a tumultuous marriage to Lancelot, she divorced him and moved on to Sofia Bjergsen. Sofia, Maci, and their six children moved into a new house, one of many life changes that occurred for Maci at once: a new home, a new spouse, and her first job as a Detective.



Sofia Bjergsen

Sofia Bjergsen

Spouse: Maci Redmond | Children: Diane and Kirsten
Career: N/A | Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Cheerful, Music Lover, Dance Machine | INTJ


Sofia is a pre-made Maxis sim from the Get Together pack. She and Charles Redmond hooked up during a Paragons Club meeting, resulting in the birth of their daughter Diane. When I earned another CAS sim slot, I used it to move Sofia and Diane into the main house. She began a relationship with Sergio Romeo, and also became pregnant by him, only to discover that he Hates Children. They broke up before she gave birth to her second daughter, Kirsten. She and her daughters lived in the original household until Sofia and Maci fell in love. After Maci and Lancelot got divorced, Maci, Sofia, and their children all moved into a new house together.



elliott child

Elliott Redmond

Parents: Maci Redmond & Jaxson Hill
Trait: Insider | ESTP


Elliott is Maci and Jaxson’s son, and is really close to both of his parents. He and Jaxson are even official Best Friends in the game, and accordingly, Jaxson constantly visits and invites him over.



ginny child

Ginny Redmond

Parents: Maci Redmond & Lancelot Royal
Trait: Self-Assured | ESFJ


Ginny is the oldest of Maci and Lancelot’s three shared children. She’s one of my favorite kids in the second generation–she just has a really cute, bright presence and is a ray of sunshine wherever she shows up.



isaac child

Isaac Redmond

Parents: Maci Redmond & Lancelot Royal
Trait: Insider | ENTP


Isaac is the second of Maci and Lancelot’s three shared children.



nina child

Nina Redmond

Parents: Maci Redmond & Lancelot Royal
Trait: Perfectionist | INTP


Nina is the youngest of Maci and Lancelot’s three shared children.



diane child

Diane Bjergsen

Parents: Sofia Bjergsen & Charles Seagraves
Siblings: Mekhi, Jordan and Kirsten
Trait: Cat Lover | INTP


Diane is Sofia’s older daughter. As a cat lover myself, I have a big soft spot for Diane.



kirsten child

Kirsten Bjergsen

Parents: Sofia Bjergsen & Sergio Romeo
Sibling: Diane
Trait: Genius | ENFP


Kirsten is Sofia’s younger daughter.