The Seagraves Household

The Seagraves household consists of original imports Charles and Mabel Seagraves (an already married couple) and Mekhi (their son who was imported along with them), Jordan (their son who was born in this save), and Malcolm (Mabel’s son with Jaxson Hill).

Other resources: Their extended family guide.


Household Timeline

Rotation 6: Charles, Mabel and Mekhi joined the save.
Rotation 7: Charles had a daughter with Sofia Bjergsen, Diane.
Rotation 8: Charles and Mabel had a son, Jordan, and Mabel had a son with Jaxson Hill, Malcolm (both were born between rotations).
Rotation 11: Mabel died of Rage. Charles had a daughter with Candy Behr, Carly.


Household Residents


12-21-19_7-39-21 PM

Charles Seagraves

Spouse: None (Former: Mabel) | Children: Mekhi, Diane, Jordan & Carly
Other Relatives: Brock and Maci Redmond (cousins)
Career: Restaurant owner/Entertainment | Aspiration: Joke Star
Traits: Lazy, Romantic, Loves the Outdoors | ESFJ

Charles, his wife Mabel, and their son Mekhi were the first pre-existing family to be added to the BACC. They are originally from my Redmond Legacy save. He has the Joke Star aspiration, so his career plans are on hold until we can add a Lounge lot to the neighborhood. In the meantime he takes care of his kids. He was invited to join the Paragons Club, and during one of their meetings he hooked up with Sofia Bjergson, which resulted in the birth of their daughter, Diane. After that, he and Mabel had their second child, Jordan. Rotation 11 was an eventful rotation for him, in ways both good and bad: he became a widower after Mabel died of rage, he opened the save’s second restaurant and also got a job in the Entertainment career track, and he and Candy Behr had a daughter, Carly.



12-21-19_7-39-34 PM

Mabel Seagraves

Spouse: Charles | Children:  Mekhi, Jordan & Malcolm
Career: N/A | Aspiration: Betselling Author
Traits: Hot-Headed, Vegetarian, Bookworm | ESTP

Mabel, her husband Charles, and her son Mekhi were the first pre-existing family to be added to the BACC. They are originally from my Redmond Legacy save. She was the first sim to complete her aspiration, and her writing actually made the Seagraves household one of the more prosperous ones in the neighborhood overall. She has had two children since moving into the game–Jordan (with Charles) and Malcolm (after she hooked up with Jaxson Hill while I was playing another household.) Unfortunately during rotation 11 she died of Rage.



03-16-20_1-56-25 AM

Mekhi Seagraves

Parents: Mabel Seagraves & Charles Redmond
Aspiration: Angling Ace | Traits: Erratic, Cat Lover | ENTJ

Mekhi was added to the BACC save along with his parents when he was a Child. He could be quite a handful when he was a Child, and had a really bad relationship with his mother since he would often lash out at her. However, he calmed down a lot once he became a Teen.



jordan child

Jordan Seagraves

Parents: Mabel Seagraves & Charles Redmond
Trait: Loner | ISFJ

Jordan is Mabel and Charles’s younger son. He’s an absolute sweetheart and strikes me as being one of those people who’s very quiet and shy in large groups, but really funny and bright and outgoing when he’s around people he feels comfortable with.



03-15-20_11-21-08 PM

Malcolm Seagraves

Parents: Mabel Seagraves & Jaxson Hill
Childhood Trait: Rocket | INFP

Malcolm is Mabel’s son with Jaxson Hill. So far he’s one of my favorite kids of the generation. There’s a poster of a unicorn with a jetpack above his bed, and that just strikes me as being Malcolm’s soul, honestly. He and Jordan are and always have been best friends, and I also think he’s Mabel’s favorite child. His hobbies include fighting himself and playing with makeup at Mabel’s vanity.