Here are links to all the resources I’m using in my game, including rules sets I based my rules on, default replacements, and mods. If you see any other CC in my update that you want a link to, feel free to ask!



I’m working with a rules set I adapted from several different sources, including:

Purzel’s Sims Rules Set
Thriving Plumbobs


Random Occurrence Scenarios

Event Generator
More Awesome Than You
Neighborhood Scenarios
Random Events Generator
Random Sim Events list



Newcrest City Hall
Pasta Present (Jude’s restaurant)
Pirate Wedding Park

Default Replacements

Baby skintones by Martine
Cartoony Skin
SimAndy Luz Eyes V1


Bienchen: Amazing Birth, Amazing Promotion, Ask To Leave Overhaul, Auto Wedding Ring, Autonomous Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Autonomous First Kiss, Autonomous Share Big News, Banquet Table Tuning, Better Food Quality, Blossom Festival, Braces and Teeth Chance for Children and Teens, Buy Pet Treat, Clingy Childhood Phase Tweak, Congratulate More, Death of Sim Reaction Tweak, Family Matters, Finish Eating, Gardening Fun for Nature Lovers, Ice Cream Deco, Invite Guest Tweak, Less Random Barflys, Less Relationship Culling, Less Rude Towards Pets, Mistletoe Kiss Winter Only, More Ask What Happened, More Autonomous Kiddie Pool Lounging, More Followers Resolution For Everyone, More Food at Cafe, More Grand Meals, Nerd Festival, Party Aspiration Fix, Party Invite Any Played Sim, Party Toddlers, Photo Frame Family 1 Tile, Restaurant Bake Fix, Restaurant Guest Overhaul, Restaurant Sit Tweak, Sad Mourning, Sibling Care Tweaks, Sit At Weddings, Skill Day Tweak, Small Pregnancy Overhaul, Storm Moodlet Tweak, Stronger Caffeine in Active Careers, Toddler Stranger Fix, Townie Overhaul Less Fame, Visible Political Position Trait, Watch Speech Tweak, Wear Costume Tweak, Weather Run Inside Tweak, and Whim Overhaul

KawaiiStacie: Playable School Events, Pool Party, Sleepover Mod, and Slice of Life

LittleMsSam: ATM Cards, Auto Light Fireplace When It Is Cold, Auto Put Activity Table Crafts Into Inventory, Change Into Everyday When Inside, Chores, Easter Egg Hunt Fix, First Love, Flower Arrangements Slower Decay, More Fun Stuff, No Restaurant Bill when being Invited, NPC Auto Massage Table, Restaurant Faster Cooking, Sim Call Over Higher Distance, Small Invite to Hang Out Overhaul, and Where are you?

Better Elders Mod

Call Anytime + Relationship Mod

Eat at Tables

Fanart Maps

Have Some Personality Please!

Keep Books After Publishing and Keep Instruments in Inventory

Kids Can Garden Mod

Longer Parties & More Guests

MC Command Center

More Club Members & Traits

Pandorasimbox Timeless Mod (removes neighborhood clutter)

Set Family Relationships

Simulation Unclogger

Slow Dancing Mod