Extended Family Guide: The Redmonds

Here is your guide to the family ties of the kids in the Redmond household.



elliott child

Elliott is the oldest of Maci’s four children.



Elliott’s parents are Jaxson Hill and Maci Redmond, who hooked up randomly once.






Between Jaxson and Maci, Elliott has a number of half-siblings. Jaxson’s children include Moses (from his first marriage), Darien and Rocky (with Leia) and Malcolm (with Mabel), while Maci had three children with her first spouse, Lancelot: Ginny, Isaac, and Nina.





Elliott has a number of cousins. His mom has one brother, Brock, who had seven children: Brielle, Roger, Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, and Phoebe.

Ginny, Isaac and Nina Redmond

Maci’s first marriage resulted in three children: Ginny, Isaac, and Nina.



As mentioned, their parents are Maci Redmond and her first spouse, Lancelot Royal.




elliott child

They only have one half-sibling, Elliott, who is Maci’s son with Jaxson Hill.



Brock’s seven children–Brielle, Roger, Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, and Phoebe–are also their cousins. So are Leia’s sons, Darien and Rocky.



Diane Bjergsen

diane child

Diane is the older of Sofia’s two daughters.



Diane’s parents are Charles Seagraves and Sofia Bjergsen, who randomly hooked up at a gathering in the original save.



Diane has three half-siblings. Through Charles she has two half-brothers, Mekhi and Jordan, and through Sofia she has a half-sister, Kirsten.



Kirsten Bjergsen


kirsten child

Kirsten is the younger of Diane’s two daughters.


sofia and sergio

Kirsten’s parents are Sergio Romeo and Sofia Bjergsen, who dated briefly before Sofia discovered that Sergio Hates Children. Sofia is a playable BACC sim, but Sergio was not carried over to the new save.

Kirsten only has one family tie in the save: her half-sister Diane.


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