Rotation 6: Lancelot & Maci/Charles & Mabel

+ year 2: summer
+ i love these disaster weddings
+ i don’t love lancelot’s newfound tendency to yell at people, particularly maci, for no reason
+ well ok possibly he was yelling because he’s not the father of maci’s son, elliott: jaxson hill (the blond townie who also has a son with leia) is, as seen in the last rotation.
+ on the plus side, at least he’s in the neighborhood’s most beautiful bromance with brock
+ charles is maci & brock’s cousin. he was the generation 4 spare from my redmond legacy. he married mabel in that legacy and they had mekhi. i’ve always been really fond of all three of them, so i really wanted to bring them over.
+ mabel has the bestselling author aspiration, so she’s working on maxing the writing skill and therefore unlocking the library.


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Lancelot: Nothing relevant. More on my plans for him next time…
Maci: Charisma (6)
Charles: Charisma (7)
Mabel: Writing (5)


Maci and Jaxson: Elliott (Before the rotation)


Elliott (Toddler)
Mekhi (Child) – I’d meant for him to be the same age as everyone else, but when I loaded their household I discovered that I’d imported him at the very end of his age stage. Oops.

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