Rotation 9: Jude & Naomi

At long last I have returned to playing my Spotlight BACC!

Normally I would begin the rotation with the Original household, but since they accidentally aged up a week in the previous rotation they’re going to sit this one out. Therefore, the first household I played was Jude and Naomi’s.


02-15-20_8-35-00 PM

So I loaded Jude and Naomi’s lot… and immediately Brielle aged up, since between not changing the aging in the new save’s gameplay settings and installing a new version of MCCC, my custom aging system was thrown clean out the window. ;;;;; Weirdly fitting, though, since Brielle and Avery’s original aging was borked to begin with (since Naomi gave birth to Brielle between rotations and Avery was only a day or so old). But I’m trying to create a three day age gap between them, so Brielle will take an age reset potion at some point.



02-15-20_8-55-40 PM

Here she is! She definitely has Brock’s mouth. I also gave her some dimples, since I gave them to Naomi as well.

What’s her trait, you ask? Hot-headed. ;;;;;;;; So now I’ve got a Mean kid (Avery), an Erratic kid (Mekhi), a Hot-Headed kid (Brielle), and an Evil kid (Darien). ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;



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Generally I love how the Have Some Personality Please! mod eliminates “idle chatter”, meaning that instead of your sims standing around just chatting and not building their relationships at all, they’ll autonomously queue one distinct interaction after another.

When both your sims are brats, however, this becomes much less fun.



02-16-20_2-40-38 PM

Jude, autonomously admiring the family portrait over and over again: “Tralala I love my beautiful family~”


02-16-20_2-47-47 PM

Meanwhile, Brielle.




02-16-20_2-36-46 PM

Speaking of Jude, I bought them a vet bench so that he can treat the cats whenever they get ill. I’d like to have more pets throughout the neighborhood (I really wish sims rolled whims to adopt pets!) but I’m not sure which sim I’d like to have open a vet clinic yet. But said vet clinic can’t be opened until a sim has maxed the vet skill, so I figured Jude might as well start on it.



02-16-20_2-49-13 PM

Me, a sweet summer child: “I should have Avery introduce herself to Roger. Maybe they’ll become friends!”

Me and Roger, immediately: “I REGRET EVERYTHING”



02-16-20_2-51-44 PM

I was having Jude and Naomi basically stop every walkby–it’s a brand new save, as I mentioned, so all my settlers are going to have to meet each other again. I have MCCC and the Set Family Relationships mod, so I’ll be able to restructure all the extended families again, but it’s a bit of a daunting task considering how big and interwoven my population already is.

Also a daunting task: getting Naomi to make friends when she’s in a really bad mood due to dealing with her kids.



02-16-20_2-52-18 PM

She and Lilith Pleasant are not going to be BFFs any time soon, I’m afraid.



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And then Naomi and Jude started yelling at each other, and I was just like I REGRET EVERYTHING.



02-16-20_2-56-17 PM

But luckily Naomi then went and autonomously helped Avery with her (also autonomous) homework, and I realized that not all hope was lost.



02-16-20_3-03-46 PM

Brielle even autonomously hugged her and everything.



02-16-20_3-09-55 PM

Your random Artistic picture of the update.



02-16-20_3-11-59 PM

Me: “Naomi, you realize Avery is complaining about you and Jude to Brielle, right?”
Naomi: “I’m so relieved they’re getting along that I don’t even care at this point.”



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Actual autonomous happy family togetherness!



02-16-20_3-26-13 PM

Aaaaaand then Jude ruined it. THANKS JUDE. ;;;;;;;;;



02-16-20_3-46-09 PM

My original plan was for all the households to have to earn money before they can open businesses, but I’m honestly just not patient enough for that. ;;;;; So I installed LittleMsSam’s ATM Cards mod, put an ATM in the City Hall and sent Jude out to get enough credit to afford a restaurant.



02-16-20_3-47-31 PM




02-16-20_4-03-21 PM

I found this really cute restaurant on the Gallery for him to run! It’s called “Pasta Present“.



02-16-20_4-24-31 PM

I took some time to change the colors a bit inside and add some rugs and a few other bits of decor. I always think of dark blue as his color, so I coordinated the restaurant accordingly.



02-16-20_4-27-14 PM

I really wanted to use LittleMsSam’s Hire certain Sims at Restaurants mod to actually hire residents to be the staff, but it glitched out like mad so I had to take it out and restart the game entirely a few times before I could get the restaurant to run properly. Shown here: my second false start, featuring the hostess straight up not seating anyone. (The first false start: my game not letting my hire a waiter/waitress at all.)



02-16-20_4-33-47 PM

But I finally got it all sorted out, and running the restaurant has become my new favorite thing. I’ve been dying to try out the in game businesses and careers for so long, and I’m thrilled that I finally can.



02-16-20_4-31-36 PM

Not on my list of favorite things: Jude autonomously yelling at everyone, including his own sister. ;;;;;;;;;;



02-16-20_4-43-55 PM

And Jude got to try the food for himself at the end of his shift.



02-16-20_4-45-54 PM

My plan is to send him to the restaurant during the weekdays, since Naomi will be at work and the kids will be at school. I’d probably leave him there well into the evening, but unfortunately Brielle’s glitched out–instead of being able to care for herself, the way sims are supposed to be able to when they’re on another lot, she doesn’t have that little…. bolt, for lack of a better descriptor, on the right corner of her icon, so I can’t bring her to the lot or have her care for her needs, so her needs just drop a lot. So I basically just leave Jude as late as I can before it looks like Brielle’s going to starve or pass out, then send him home.



02-16-20_4-47-26 PM

Avery autonomously giving Jude a nice little greeting hug! Who would have thought!



02-16-20_5-38-41 PM

No matter what the sim members are acting like, I can always count on the cats to bring wholesome, sweet moments.



02-16-20_5-40-45 PM

Bless their precious lazy hearts. ❤



02-16-20_5-39-05 PM

Honestly, after that ridiculous first day they did all chill out a lot and get along during the week. (Mostly.)



02-16-20_6-39-42 PM

I also finally remembered that I’ve always wanted to give Jude body hair, and finally did. (Luumia’s, of course.)



02-16-20_6-39-58 PM

While I was at it, I gave Naomi a wee ankle tattoo…



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And I gave Flash and Shadow collars!



02-16-20_7-20-39 PM

Naomi: “Hey did you know I’m pregnant!!”

I literally yelled WHAT in real life when I saw her with the Slice of Life moodlet about thinking about baby names. I really only wanted her and Jude to have two kids in the house, especially now that Jude has the restaurant.



02-16-20_7-20-49 PM

But Naomi was so happy about it that I couldn’t stay mad, and of course I was pleased by the idea of giving her and Jude’s A+++ genes a second chance to combine themselves. (Especially since Avery is Jude’s only kid.)



02-16-20_7-22-54 PM

Obligatory picture of Naomi being cute and pregnant and also showing off one of her new outfits.

I started Naomi on the Politics career path this rotation, since we have a City Hall lot and I want her to be the “Mayor” of the neighborhood. She had this day off, so I sent her along with Jude to the restaurant so that she could meet some more people.



02-16-20_7-28-24 PM

Charles, Mabel and Mekhi became the first residents to eat at the restaurant!

They also became the first residents who glitched out and left without paying for their food and rating us. ;;;;;;;;;;;



02-16-20_7-37-04 PM

They were also the first residents I offered free desserts to. It was fun seeing what they chose.



02-16-20_7-32-13 PM

Meanwhile, Jude had a happy dance for himself.



02-16-20_7-36-38 PM

Leia jogged by the lot, so she and Naomi were able to get reacquainted and Naomi was able to tell her the big news.



02-16-20_8-25-26 PM

…. Naomi, that feels profoundly ill-advised.



02-16-20_8-32-08 PM

Precious moments. ❤



02-16-20_8-40-23 PM

More precious moments. ❤ I lost all the pictures from the original save, so I’m going to have to remember to get the settlers to take pictures with each other again, too.



02-16-20_8-44-12 PM

Second day running the restaurant, second day Charles, Mabel and Mekhi showed up.



02-16-20_8-45-22 PM

They’re real cute, though, so I’m happy to see them.



02-16-20_8-47-31 PM

They were also the only victims of a dropped tray the entire week.



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….. I mean, at least he cleaned it up?



02-16-20_8-49-54 PM

And yes, they did once again glitch out and neither rate nor pay us.




02-16-20_9-02-29 PM

I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with them being an active household, but Brock and Natalie also showed up and they were able to rate and pay us just fine.



02-16-20_9-04-17 PM

They were also able to be really cute while doing so. <33333



02-16-20_9-14-12 PM

This time Avery greeted Jude with some complaints about the house rules. ;;;;;



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But on the plus side, the girls are getting along great! Since Brielle has the Social Butterfly aspiration she needed a BFF, so I went ahead and had her become BFFs with Avery. (I’m pretty sure they’re the only ones that can handle each other, honestly!)



02-16-20_9-33-04 PM

Another day, another opportunity for Charles and Mabel to dine out.



02-16-20_9-35-25 PM

And to remain cute while doing so.



02-16-20_9-36-20 PM

And Mabel still didn’t order any food, just a beverage. I’m getting a little concerned.



02-16-20_9-44-37 PM

The Slice of Life mod adds roughly a zillion things to the game, and I love almost all of them. A new favorite: sims actually get whims to do things like ask to feel the baby!



02-16-20_9-45-05 PM

Naomi loves it even more than I do. ❤



02-16-20_9-46-01 PM

Brock stopped by to spend time with his daughter, Brielle, remained exceptionally broad-shouldered while doing so.



02-16-20_9-51-01 PM

I’d be more mad about Brock’s quest to single-handedly populate the neighborhood were it not for the fact that he’s so good with kids. Even Avery was actually autonomously nice to him, and that’s saying something.



02-16-20_9-55-07 PM

….. that said, Brock, don’t think you’re going to have any more kids with Naomi!!



02-16-20_9-58-20 PM

Jude’s pre-parental panic was so intense, he broke the fourth wall!



02-16-20_10-05-33 PM

Naomi and Jude have a son! Welcome to the save, Ollie. ❤

That said, I’m actually thinking about downloading Wicked Whims again so that I can put some sims on birth control. I don’t want Naomi, Mabel or Maci having any more kids, and I don’t want Sofia having more for now, either. (I do want Natalie to have a sixth kid, because I picture her having a million kids and because she might as well completely fill the house at this point. I am also perfectly open to Leia having more kids if she wants to, and Siobhan and Ricardo are so cute that I’d let them have another kid, too.)



02-16-20_10-06-16 PM

There are a lot of things I can do. Not on that list: resist the temptation to take pictures of Naomi being cute.



02-16-20_10-09-19 PM

I thought about having Jude stay home with the baby, but it was Friday, so I figured I’d go ahead and have him open the restaurant again.

Had I realized that there was a blizzard raging, I would have probably rethought this.



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(I suspect all the poor sims involved wish I had.)



02-16-20_10-14-29 PM

Plot twist: Lilith and Angela are both here, but they’re not dining with each other.



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And of course Charles and Mabel continued their patronage streak, and Mabel maintained her beverages only policy.



02-16-20_10-44-59 PM

After closing the restaurant I sent Jude home, and had him bring all the OG settlers he knew with him. Since Naomi has started a club for them, I went ahead and had her start an official meeting, too. I have a mod that allows me to add a lot more members, but first I have to unlock all 8 slots, so I figured I should probably get started on that.

Brock may get along well with Avery, but Natalie (her aunt!!) had no such luck.



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Maci and her cute new sweater autonomously congratulated Naomi about the new baby.



02-16-20_10-49-24 PM

It took me entirely too long to realize where the woohoo noises were coming from…



02-16-20_10-49-48 PM

Y’ALL!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!




02-16-20_10-52-11 PM

Wholesome content sidebar: I found a lot of sims autonomously interacting with baby Ollie even when he didn’t need anything, and I’m wondering if that’s another Slice of Life thing.



02-16-20_10-53-02 PM

Back to the neverending soap opera: Brock propositioned Siobhan right in front of Natalie. (Who was, er, already mad because Brock hit on Maci before I could reset them as being siblings. OOPS.)



02-16-20_10-54-00 PM

And yes, this was the moment that I made “romantic interactions” one of the discouraged club actions.



02-16-20_10-55-03 PM

Ricardo, bless his heart, didn’t seem to notice that Siobhan was hooking up left, right and center.



02-16-20_10-56-27 PM

I’m going to need to remember to give everyone residence keys to each other’s houses again. Right now Leia was the only person either Naomi or Jude had a high enough relationship with to give one, but eventually Brock at the very least will also need one.



02-16-20_11-07-42 PM

Naomi started her Saturday by fixing a nice, wholesome, autonomous pancake breakfast for everyone. Who would have thought, given how her week started!



02-16-20_11-15-56 PM

Poor Roger walked by the house again, and I figured this time I’d see if he could get along with Brielle. They actually did okay! I can’t remember if they actually became friends or not, but they had some nice interactions.



02-16-20_11-20-54 PM

Meanwhile, Avery met her match in Darien.



02-16-20_11-16-30 PM

Autonomous snowy cuteness!



02-16-20_11-21-39 PM

Still autonomous and snowy, but less cute!



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Could Brielle end the week without one more time out? No, no she could not.



02-16-20_11-31-53 PM

She also met Jaxson Hill’s… daughter? granddaughter? and discovered that the active household kids aren’t the only ones with serious attitude problems.



02-16-20_10-43-49 PM

And here’s the household at the end of the update!



Jude: Baking (4), Veterinary (1)
Naomi: Comedy (10)

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