Rotation 8: Brock & Natalie

+ year 3: second week of summer
+ how do i handle playing 5 toddlers? INCREDIBLE LEVELS OF MICROMANAGING. as soon as any of their needs are in the lower green i take care of them.
+ yes, brock & natalie both want another baby


12-16-19_9-42-24 PM12-16-19_9-52-09 PM12-16-19_10-05-58 PM12-16-19_10-06-15 PM12-16-19_10-12-17 PM12-16-19_10-21-44 PM12-16-19_10-27-17 PM12-16-19_10-39-11 PM12-16-19_10-40-52 PM12-16-19_10-44-33 PM12-16-19_10-45-41 PM12-19-19_7-11-23 PM12-19-19_7-14-31 PM12-19-19_7-42-01 PM12-19-19_7-53-14 PM12-19-19_8-45-11 PM12-19-19_8-57-21 PM12-19-19_9-10-34 PM12-19-19_9-15-11 PM12-19-19_9-44-11 PM12-19-19_9-59-50 PM12-19-19_10-02-26 PM12-19-19_10-02-43 PM12-19-19_10-09-15 PM12-19-19_10-12-45 PM12-19-19_10-31-44 PM12-19-19_10-38-07 PM12-19-19_10-41-29 PM12-19-19_10-42-51 PM12-19-19_10-45-32 PM12-19-19_10-47-45 PM12-19-19_10-53-15 PM12-19-19_10-59-27 PM12-20-19_12-14-20 AM12-20-19_12-18-29 AM12-20-19_12-19-02 AM12-20-19_12-27-27 AM12-20-19_12-34-09 AM



Brock: Charisma (10)
Natalie: Mixology (9)

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