Rotation 10: The Royals (Part 1)

Welcome back to the Spotlight BACC! The tenth rotation is well underway: I played through the Royals and the Morgans, as well as most of the Redmonds, over the weekend. Work is pretty busy and stressful at the moment, so this has definitely been my main distraction/outlet. The second half of the update will hopefully be up tomorrow, as will their family guide.

The Royal updates and the Morgan updates are going to be the last ones that use in game lighting. I switched over to using Reshade, and you’ll be able to see that in the screenshots starting with the Redmond updates.

03-01-20_9-18-32 PM

The household at the beginning of the week, left to right: Flash, Shadow, Brielle, Jude, Naomi, Ollie, and Avery.



03-01-20_9-08-16 PM

Naomi started the rotation dehydrated and being crowded in the bathroom by her children. Motherhood in a nutshell, from what I understand.



03-01-20_9-08-34 PM

Jude started it tending to both cats, who were sick, in the rain. The downside of having a small house.



03-01-20_9-10-18 PM

Brielle didn’t start the rotation trolling the forums, but it’s where half my sims end up before long.



03-01-20_9-20-15 PM

Ollie, meanwhile, started the rotation… well, being a baby.



03-01-20_9-21-13 PM

Though not for long! He and his chin quickly became an adorable Toddler. I love that he aged up into the Totoro overalls, because you know Naomi would totally have bought them if she were real.



03-01-20_9-53-01 PM

Elliott Redmond is here to helpfully illustrate my point about how I’m trying to handle this generation as they age. I like the idea of sims looking their age, in a sense: like if I were to show you three Children, ideally I’d like for you to be able to look at their hairstyle/outfits and say “oh, this one must have just aged up and that one must be about to become a Teen”, you know? But I feel like that would be a lot harder for you to keep track of in a blog than it would be if I were doing an LP, so I’m going to keep the changes more subtle, I think–sims will have really young looks during their first week of each age stage, and then I’ll age their looks. So for example, when Elliott was first a Child he had that bowl cut, but now he has a different hair cut and less kiddy clothes.



But of course he was there for the kids club meeting! I try to have each household have at least one kids club meeting and at least one Town Council club meeting every week so that everyone involved can build relationships, etc.



03-01-20_10-24-56 PM

Well, the definition of relationship building is a bit nontraditional in this save. ;;;;



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It was about then that I remembered that Marina bought me Tiny Living Stuff, and I was able to use items from it to suddenly create so much more room in their teeny tiny downstairs. Still not the kitchen Jude deserved, but at that moment I was still willing to be patient and keep them in this house until they’d built up more money.



03-01-20_9-16-23 PM

Me: I love love!
Random Occurrences wheel: HOLD MY BEER.







03-02-20_9-33-14 PM

At first I was resigned to obeying the wheel, so I took some time to think about it and decided that there weren’t any sims currently in the save that I’d ship Jude with. (Well, other than Maci.) But it occurred to me that I’ve always thought that Jude and Candy Behr would make a cute couple, and she’s one of my favorite EA premades, so I decided to at least console myself by bringing Candy and Yuki Behr to the save.



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So I built them a house in the newly unlocked Willow Creek (more on that in the upcoming Seagraves and Tellez updates), then sent Jude and like half the other BACC adults over to meet her. (I also sent Naomi after her shift, because I figured I’d also be totally down with Naomi being the one to end up with Candy.)



03-03-20_8-21-09 PM

Cameron and Maci appreciated the whole situation about as much as I did.



03-03-20_8-35-22 PM

While I did queue up a bunch of friendly interactions for Jude, left to his own devices he wasn’t super interested in Candy. I honestly can’t really see him leaving Naomi–even though they bicker sometimes because of their conflicting personality types, I think he’s just the kind of person who settles into a relationship/life and doesn’t particularly feel like budging, even if it isn’t perfect. And while every sim in the save has cheated on their partner at least once because of various mods, Jude has actually been the most faithful overall, I’m pretty sure. So I thought about the wheel, and my mind started to turn…



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Cameron Fletcher and Natalie, meanwhile, provided all sorts of comic relief. Why can’t Cameron keep his clothes on these days???



03-03-20_8-54-47 PM

Brielle rolled up the want to befriend Jude (they were friends in the original save, but I hadn’t built their relationship back up in this one yet) and it just bummed me out so much. I love this little family. I didn’t want to break them up!



03-03-20_8-59-10 PM

Ollie, blissfully oblivious to my internal debating, began to take an interest in the cats.



03-03-20_9-05-48 PM

Avery also discovered that all my mods’ coding still left space for her to be mean to the cats. The only time I’ve ever gotten mad at my nightmare queen Avery for anything. I need to find a mod that won’t let anyone be mean to pets, because that’s not cool at all.



03-03-20_9-08-45 PM

For now I settled for having her be friendly after any time she was mean to one of the cats.



03-03-20_9-21-32 PM

At this point I was still thinking that I’d have either Jude or Naomi break up with Candy–and besides, I just like having her around–so I invited her over to a few more neighborhood gatherings.



03-03-20_9-22-25 PM

Two of my central BACC couples–Leia & Jaxson and Sofia & her guitar. (The latter is apparently Flash’s NOTP.)



03-03-20_9-23-50 PM

Jude still wasn’t particularly interested in Candy, though she definitely sought him out to interact with. (And who can blame her~)



03-03-20_9-26-05 PM

I also actually read Purzel’s rules set correctly and realized that Jude had unlocked a spot in the Culinary career track when he opened The Genesis Diner. Since he has the Master Chef aspiration, and since this family definitely needs money, I went ahead and had him start on the Culinary track!



03-03-20_9-28-57 PM

Brielle brought Finn Morgan home from school, and he decided to try to befriend Avery.

Roger Fyres: “I can’t watch!”



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While results were mixed, Finn turned out to be chill enough to handle an afternoon of Avery time. I don’t think they reached actual friendship levels, but it was cute nonetheless. (Note: No, they’re not future romance candidates, they’re cousins. Jude [Avery’s dad] and Natalie [Finn’s mom] are siblings.)



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I finally installed bunk beds in the game! They’re a lifesaver in these small houses, and a constant source of hilarity.



03-03-20_10-16-31 PM

Also apparently an inspiration for the kind of bendiness no one, pixelated or not, should be able to achieve. o_O



03-03-20_10-06-26 PM

Ollie’s bonding with the cats continued. ❤



03-03-20_10-12-35 PM

As did his bonding with his family. ❤



03-03-20_10-20-53 PM

I decided to have Jude work on building his baking skill.



03-03-20_10-21-27 PM

This, apparently, was a mistake.



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There are two kinds of reactions to house fires.



03-03-20_10-27-43 PM

Hip bump to celebrate surviving!

ANYWAY, in the midst of all these house fires and bunk bed bonding times, I had a revelation about the wheel situation. I didn’t want to break up Naomi and Jude, but I did want to break up Lancelot and Maci–the More Personality Please mod enhances Jealousy to the point where Lancelot will yell at Maci every time he sees her interacting with anyone, even their children, and I can’t even deal anymore. So I decided to use that roll for Maci and Lancelot instead of Naomi and Jude.

HOWEVER, I didn’t want to cheat, so I decided to use the Chance Cards wheel to give Jude and Naomi their event of the week, since that one guarantees major events. I wanted them to have an equally major life development instead of something small like reading a book.

So they got:



Because there aren’t enough kids in the neighborhood already!



03-03-20_10-30-00 PM

I sat Naomi down at the computer and had my Google Assistant choose a number between 1-14. (There were 14 total adoption candidates listed.) It chose 9, so I chose 9, and off Naomi went…



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And she brought back Marcella Royal!



03-03-20_10-43-44 PM

Marcella has the Active trait, and if I remember right she has the Whiz Kid aspiration. I left her in the hair the game gave her, and just gave her some more cohesive outfits (and eyelashes), and then she was all set.



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While I was in CAS, I also tried some hairstyles on Avery and Brielle. This is what I meant when I was talking about Elliott–if I were constantly aging everyone’s styles, they probably would look like this in game right now. But I don’t want y’all to have to keep track of things that closely, so they didn’t keep these hairstyles. It was just fun to see!



03-03-20_10-50-44 PM

Marcella immediately fit in with the other kids. ;;;;;;;;;



03-05-20_8-45-55 PM

She and Naomi are basically the best of friends, so I don’t know why she was yelling at Jude autonomously when she first met him.



03-03-20_10-59-38 PM

Avery, the day before this: “I want another sibling!”
Avery, after she got another sibling: “I TAKE IT BACK”



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I’d planned to keep them in their house until they were able to build up a bunch more money, but the restaurant is doing okay financially and there’s no way they were going to be able to cram a fourth kid into that house, so I went ahead and moved them into a copy of the house I’d built for Candy and Yuki. Building is still not my strong point, but I’ve been watching a lot of Sims YouTube lately and it’s inspired me to try some different things. The all windows dining room is definitely thanks to Clare Siobhan.



03-03-20_11-45-47 PM

Their house is across the street from Natalie’s, and next to their old house, actually. I’ve temporarily put Candy and Yuki into the Royals’ old house, but now that Naomi and Jude aren’t going to end up with Candy, I’m not entirely sure if I want to officially make Candy and Yuki residents or if I want to pull them back out of the house and make them townies.



03-05-20_8-44-45 PM

I like to think that Jude is happy with his new kitchen, even though it’s definitely a work in progress. 😀



03-05-20_8-33-33 PM

(Sidebar: every time I get a glimpse of the body hair mod on him, I’m so glad I installed it. I’ve always thought he’d have notable body hair if he was a human, so I’m glad I could flesh out his character that much more in game.)



03-05-20_8-51-04 PM

This area is going to be so nice when they have enough money for me to really flesh it out properly. I’ve always thought that they’ll want to do a lot of entertaining in a larger house, since Naomi has the Party Animal aspiration, so I definitely want to add a bar, give them things to do in the backyard, etc.



03-05-20_8-47-28 PM

Other advantages to having a big dining area: the girls can do their homework at a table now!



03-05-20_8-52-59 PM

… and sit there together when they’re in time out!



03-05-20_8-49-06 PM

In conclusion, I have no regrets about these developments. \o/



03-05-20_8-54-06 PM

Meanwhile, Ollie understood that we were out of money for the house and decided to contribute to the decorating himself. ;;;;;;;;;;

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