Extended Family Guide: The Morgans

Here is the next relationships guide! This one covers the kids in the Morgans household.

Caleb and Stella


Caleb and Stella have different dads, but they have all the same half-siblings and cousins, so I’m going to go ahead and group them together in the guide.




natalie and babydaddy

Caleb’s parents are Natalie Morgan, one of the original settlers, and a townie whose name I never wrote down. ;; They had a random one-night stand back when KawaiiStacie’s Slice of Life act was causing a lot of random woohoos.



03-07-20_9-30-19 PM

Stella’s dad is Cameron Fletcher, an EA premade. The Random Events wheel I use called for Natalie to have a one night stand, and of course she got pregnant from it even though I didn’t have them try for a baby.





They have five half-siblings via Natalie: Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, Phoebe, and Stella.





Caleb has three cousins, also via Natalie: Jude’s children, Avery, Marcella and Ollie Royal.



Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, and Phoebe







The kids’ parents are Brock Redmond and Natalie Morgan, two of the original BACC settlers.





They have four half-siblings: Brielle and Roger via Brock, and Caleb and Stella via Natalie.





They also have seven cousins: their aunt Maci’s four kids, Elliott, Ginny, Isaac, and Nina, and their uncle Jude’s three kids, Avery, Marcella, and Ollie. (Maci is Brock’s twin sister and Jude is Natalie’s older brother.)


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