The Morgan Household

The Morgan household consists of original settler Natalie Morgan; Caleb, Natalie’s son with another townie; Natalie’s children with her (deceased) husband, Brock Redmond–two sets of twins (Finn & Fiona and Hank & Harrison) and youngest child Phoebe; and Stella, Natalie’s daughter with Cameron Fletcher.


Household Timeline


Rotation 4: Brock and Natalie formed their own household.
Rotation 5: Brock had a daughter, Brielle, with Naomi Royal; Natalie had a son, Caleb, with another townie; Brock and Natalie got engaged.
Rotation 6: Brock had a son, Roger, with Siobhan Fyres; Brock and Natalie got married.
Rotation 7: Natalie gave birth to Finn & Fiona (between rotations) and Hank & Harrison.
Rotation 9 (Part 1 | Part 2): Natalie gave birth to Phoebe. Brock died of Laughter.
Rotation 10 (Part 1 | Part 2): Natalie had a daughter with Cameron Fletcher, Stella.


Household Members


brock profile

Brock Redmond

Spouse: Natalie | Children: Brielle, Roger, Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, Phoebe
Other Relationships: Maci Redmond (twin sister), Charles Seagraves (cousin)
Career: N/A | Aspiration: Angling Ace
Traits: Good, Lazy, Cheerful | ENFJ

Brock and his twin sister, Maci, are the children of one of my Redmond Legacy spares. There have been a number of spare Redmonds that I wanted another chance to play, but I thought these two would fit in best with the other sims I decided to import. The fact that Brock has the Angling Ace aspiration, which is doable in the beginning stages of a BACC, didn’t hurt any! Unfortunately, Brock was also the first Spotlight resident to pass away–he died of Laughter at the end of year 4.



natalie profile

Natalie Morgan

Spouse: Brock | Children: Caleb, Finn, Fiona, Hank, Harrison, Phoebe
Other relationships: Jude Morgan (older brother)
Career: N/A | Aspiration: The Curator
Traits: Music Lover, Romantic, Dance Machine | ENTJ

Natalie is from the fourth generation of my 100 Baby Challenge. She’s Jude’s younger sister. She was almost the Matriarch there, but her younger sister, Sadie, nabbed the role at the last minute. (I sometimes wonder if she knows that, given that in the BACC right now she has 5 kids and wants more.) I ended up neglecting Natalie in her original save and have always felt bad about it, so when I decided to do a BACC she was the first sim I decided to add to it.



caleb child

Caleb Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & a random townie
Trait: Loves Outdoors | INFP

Caleb is Natalie’s oldest child.



finn child

Finn Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & Brock Redmond
Trait: Goofball | ISTJ

Finn is Fiona’s twin brother.



fiona child

Fiona Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & Brock Redmond
Trait: Cat Lover | ESTP

Fiona is Finn’s twin sister.



03-07-20_11-40-01 PM

Hank Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & Brock Redmond
Trait: Hot-headed | ISFJ

Hank is Harrison’s twin brother.



03-07-20_9-11-19 PM

Harrison Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & Brock Redmond
Trait: Genius | ESFJ

Harrison is Hank’s twin brother.



phoebe child

Phoebe Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & Brock Redmond
Trait: Good | ISFJ

Phoebe is Natalie and Brock’s youngest child.



stella toddler

Stella Morgan

Parents: Natalie Morgan & Cameron Fletcher

Stella is Natalie’s youngest child.